Crypto This Week Aug 15 – Aug 21 (Market, BTC…)

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2021-10-26 19:17:24

Market Perspective

Hello everyone, another week has passed and we meet again in the weekend newsletter on CHK.

The market is still in a bullish state, glad about that. πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ my friend.

Last week I noticed something very interesting like this. That’s how to tell if we’re in a bull or bear market. Very simple like this:

β€œIn a bear market, bad news affects prices, and good news does not, but in a bull market, good news affects prices, and bad news does not.”

These are directly reflected in the biggest events that have occurred in the last few weeks.

The first event, which is also the thing that CHK channel has brought to a lot of relevant information in the past time, is the latest tax law (Infrastructure law) that has a great influence on the development of Vietnam. of electronic money. However, you also see how the market reacts.

The second event that I want to talk about is the biggest defi hack that happened recently of the “Poly Network” project, the number up to 600 million dollars. A crazy number.

When I learned about the hack, my immediate reaction was to check Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, then assume that this news will cause a sell-off. Years ago this might have seemed like a reasonable assumption, but over time and you’ve seen many hacks take place, you’ll quickly realize that they rarely have any lasting effect on your system. vast cryptocurrency market. But this also makes me wonder, Why did the biggest defi hack in crypto history not cause any meaningful movement in the market?

Yes, when looking at the price chart, the hack did not cause any movement at all. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

So far, the case has closed with the hacker refunding all the stolen funds to the protocol. The biggest lesson learned from the Poly Network hack is probably: Be careful where you put your property!.

There won’t be such luck next time.

Next Week’s Event

Notable events for everyone next week:

Below are notable news from the projects:

These are the important information in the coming week, hope that the information I provide in this article will help everyone.

Hello everyone and have a great weekend.

By Dung BuiCHK Team

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