Crypto This Week September 5 – September 11 (Market, BTC…)

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2021-11-10 14:25:16

Market Perspective

Hello everyone, a new week is coming and we will meet again in the weekly weekly newsletter on CHK.

Like last week, I announced that I will temporarily take a break from writing for a while on, however the series of articles “Crypto This Week” I will continue to write and send to the community my personal views as well as upcoming events in the Crypto market.

Ok, next will be the information I want to share with everyone in this week’s newsletter. We will look at a bigger picture.

Let’s first take a look at the SP500, which continues to hit all-time highs almost daily, and with the most recent 5% correction occurring 10 months ago, the Fed has started began to reduce asset purchase programs. What is this saying?

Okay, the above question is really hard to answer. So let’s go back to the crypto market and take a look at Bitcoin’s price history.

The 2013 cycle saw the bitcoin price drop 75% from its previous high and ratchet up a staggering 1,750% in less than the next six months. Of course when it comes to this, I’m not suggesting that the same thing happen again with similar performance, but rather that a “double bubble” might pop in this cycle.

The current market has also experienced a similar cycle to 2013, with an upward parabolic curve at first, along with a large amount of coins becoming highly liquid before re-accumulation. strong, and the next launch parabola immediately follows.

And obviously we also realize, the market is far from 2013 so what will motivate the sequel to confirm this speculation?.

If bitcoin continues to move from weak hands to strong hands at the current rate, a parabolic line will begin that most people in the world cannot understand. Bitcoin, with an asset valuation of close to $1 trillion today, will likely climb to $5 – $10 trillion by 2022 with relative ease, depending on how excited the market is. how.

After all, $1 of capital flowing into bitcoin will add more than $1 in market capitalization for Bitcoin and other Altcoins. In a bull market when most of the market participants are holding, the market value versus real value of bitcoin will explode back which is not hard to predict however where does that come from? .

Let’s assume that 1% of capital flows out of global debt funds into bitcoin as a safe haven, as the global economy experiences massive supply chain disruptions that drive prices up across the board ( I noticed this in the semiconductor market, I want to buy a monitor but wait forever, the price is even higher than a year ago).

Interestingly, the biggest shortfall of them all may be Bitcoin’s satoshi value, as the 100% transparent nature of asset ownership confirms this is true for whoever holds them. .

Given the scenario above, the market versus net value will most likely look similar to what happened in 2013 if the trend continues.

Next Week Events

Notable events for everyone next week:

  • September 6 – September 7: Blockchain Expo Global The world’s leading Blockchain Expo series will take place at Business Design Center, London. This is a two-day event that brings together key industries globally for two days with top-level content and discussions on four topics: Blockchain, IoT, Cyber ​​Security & Cloud, AI and Big data.

  • September 8 – September 9: Blockchain in Real Estate, Blockchain technology has recently been applied to the real estate industry. This webinar will feature global blockchain and real estate professionals sharing their expertise as well as practical knowledge on Blockchain real estate related topics.

  • 09/09 – 10/09: Chain Plus: Asia NFT & DeFi Conference and Investment Roadshow is the conference that aims to build a platform for NFTs & DeFi innovation and business exchange connecting the Asia-Pacific market to the globe. The conference brings together the world’s most authoritative leaders in NFTs & DeFi, the most visionary international investors, as well as the most promising emerging startups and innovators. breakthrough to jointly launch the latest technology and strategic cooperation plans, explore cooperation opportunities in Asia – Pacific Market, and discuss the latest and future trends by DeFi & NFTs.

Below are notable news from the projects:

These are the important information in the coming week, hope that the information I provide in this article will help everyone.

Hello everyone and have a great weekend.

By Dung BuiCHK Team

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