Curnon’s April Fools Day Dialless Clock real meaning

Curnon’s April Fools Day Dialless Clock real meaning

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2021-04-07 13:32:58

April 1 is the occasion for many brands to announce “crazy” ideas and Curnon is not out of the trend. Watches have always played a traditional role in helping you keep track of time. So what do you think with a clockless, no number? This is a special product launched by Vietnamese watch brand – Curnon on April Fool’s Day, making people wobble because of its unique values.

Curnon blew the Why not spirit into the bold idea of ​​April Fool’s Day

The Vietnamese watch brand Curnon is known for its modern and youthful style and its mission to create new values. As a companion for young people and always keeping up with all trends, there is no reason for Curnon to sit still in the exciting atmosphere of April Fool’s Day. On this occasion, Curnon wants to create an unexpected event to convey more meaningful messages to young people.

Still the desire to break the barrier “Is it too late to start now?” that the young generation is struggling every day, Curnon has blown the Why not spirit into the first Vietnamese-made Needleless Watch. Many people question the authenticity of a product launched at the time of April Fool’s Day. What surprise is this watch hiding?

Real meaning behind the first needleless watch made in Vietnam

Sure, there are times when you always feel like you don’t have enough time to do what you want to do. And Curnon understands that sometimes time is the barrier that makes you hesitate to make an important decision. Creating a timeless, minute hand without a digital display, Curnon offers a not so bold definition of time 3.

No time limit – The clock does not show time because there is no time limit. You absolutely can own more than 24 hours a day to comfortably do everything.

Never run out of battery – Clockless hands are also the embodiment of modern young people. You are always full of enthusiasm, desire and passion. And the energy radiating from yourself will never be exhausted.

No more time pressure – Break the pressures of time, you are free to explore yourself and follow your dreams. It is at this moment that you have at hand every moment of your life.

Curnon's April Fools Day Dialless Clock - Photo 2.

With many great values, surely all of us want to own this multimeter. However, this is just a fictional product that Curnon launches to celebrate April Fool’s Day. However, not because of that, the fever and attention of young people for the clockless watch to reduce heat, on the contrary, it also received a strong response from the community.

The fictional product received a genuine response from young people

Maybe the Curnon Needleless Watch is forever fiction, but the value it conveys has really impacted the community. The proof for this is that many users are willing to order a bogus product but are still very satisfied. More than 500 order requests sent in within hours of product launch suggest that the value of the Analogue Watch is not unrealistic.

Young people excitedly talk about each other about “The first needleless watch made in Vietnam.” Indeed, Curnon’s ideas have reached the community and bring motivation to young people in practice.

Curnon's April Fools Day Dialless Watch - Photo 3.

Why not – Owning a clockless watch in the very heart of young people is never impossible. How about you? Take the same inspiration Curnon spread, step out of your comfort zone – think differently, do differently and live meaningfully differently.

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