CyBall Announces Partnership With Yield Guild Games – The Leading Gaming Guild Organization in NFT Gaming

CyBall Announces Partnership With Yield Guild Games – The Leading Gaming Guild Organization in NFT Gaming


2021-10-12 00:47:05

Recently, CyBall officially announced a strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG) aimed at facilitating the growth of players and scholarships in the CyBall metaverse. YGG will become a key partner to help CyBall strengthen its position in the field of Play-to-Earn gaming from the very beginning.

In addition, Gabby Dizon – Co-Founder of YGG will also join the CyBall Advisory Team to provide the necessary advice to the project team in efforts to expand the Play-to-Earn model.

To create a solid foundation for CyBall’s scholarship program, YGG also ordered a part of the Genesis CyBloc NFT pack in sufficient quantity to supply at least 1,000 players right after the alpha game launch.

With the breakthrough development of Blockchain-based open entertainment, CyBall’s cooperation with YGG promises to reshape a new era of Play-to-Earn gaming, as well as expand access to the masses. majority of users worldwide.

To celebrate this partnership, CyBall will also launch a Whitelist Lottery Event for the upcoming Genesis CyBloc NFT sale to members of the CyBall and YGG Discord communities. Join the Lottery here.

About Yield Guild Games

YGG is a leading organization in the Play-to-Earn revolution, not only limited to Gaming but also on a global scale. YGG’s goal is to become a non-profit organization to support the community, by providing scholarship opportunities for the most representative Play-to-Earn games today.

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About CyBall

CyBall – CyBloc Football is a Football-themed NFT project with a Play-to-Earn mechanism that allows users to collect, trade, train and battle with CyBlocs, protagonists and core assets in the game. displayed as an on-chain NFT. In the first phase, the game will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain and is expected to join the Solana Ecosystem.

The world of Metaverse CyBall promises to suit the needs of all users, as well as towards becoming a bridge between players and the breakthrough benefits of Blockchain technology.

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