CyBall Reborn – an update to look forward to

CyBall Reborn – an update to look forward to


2022-04-06 17:40:08

CyBall Reborn – an update to look forward to

general overview

Although it has only been launched for 1 month, however, CyBall has officially “touched” 53,000 registrations as well as more than 13,000 DAUs.

After the Genesis Mentor era, CyBloc’s population has now almost doubled in size, partly due to the large number of guilds “landing” in CyBall (more than 50), another extremely important part coming to from the sustainable growth of the game model. Here are the latest updates about CyBall.

CyBall Reborn

Based on current progress, CyBall is currently estimating the release date of CyBall Reborn to fall this May.

What will Reborn have?

  • Improved user experience with more intuitive controls during in-game matches.
  • The results screen will be displayed in more detail after the match to facilitate technical analysis and design better playing strategies.
  • New update on game design and graphics.
  • Optimize matchmaking “matchmaking” mode.
  • And finally, CyBall will be officially available on both iOS and macOS.

What will Reborn have?
What will Reborn have?
What will Reborn have?
What will Reborn have?

Potion (Potion)

CyBall will release some limited edition skins for the CyBloc rig. The first will be the mutant collection, meticulously designed by CyBall’s art team in every detail.

Users can purchase potions for their CyBloc to enjoy their new look. These skins currently only add to the fun of the game and do not equip any skill upgrades. The skins will be sold in CBT, the CBT raised will be burned.

CyBloc’s Mutant Collection
CyBloc’s Mutant Collection

Stadium (Stadium)

CyBall will start rolling out the first stadiums, most likely in the middle of this quarter. The stadiums will initially be auctioned in CBT or CYB.

Initially, if resources permit, stadium owners can provide full design/aesthetic input for their NFT stadium. In the future, governance token holders can also vote for stadium owners for some substantial rewards or profits.

Stadium (Stadium)

Release of CYB and Dashboard

CyBall is expected to launch CYB in mid or late Q2. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

As mentioned in the previous weeks, all the users who earned CBT from the early days have also accumulated the original CYB. Rewards will be accumulated until April 21.

CyBall will have a dashboard detailing the total amount of CYB earned so far in the “Rewards” tab later this week. Please note that all CYB earned will also follow the vesting plan. Users who have actively mentored and contributed a lot to the CyBall ecosystem will also be favored in terms of vesting schedules. More details will be announced after CyBall completes the plan to launch CYB.

Flash Mentoring / CyLoans V2

CyLoans has revolutionized and simplified the management of the scholar system for the guild network.

CyLoans V2 is ready, users can transfer CyBloc from CyLoans V1 to V2, now we don’t need to delete or “call” them anymore.

Flash Mentoring / CyLoans V2

Mentor fees

Mentor fee season 1 (updated)

This fee table will take effect from 08:00 PM on April 12, 2022 (Vietnam time). Note that with the changes in the table above, users can choose to pay mentor fees in CBT or BUSD, instead of spending both CBT AND BUSD as before. These changes will apply to all CyBloc.

Community NFT Foundation

As mentioned in previous updates, one of the special use cases for BUSD coming from mentors is being used for project development. The first is to create a community NFT pool.

These NFTs will then be assigned to the community members (via CyLoans) who are the most active, with an earn rate of 10% and many other referral modes.

The community pool will buy all NFTs priced below X, a constant. X may vary depending on assets available in the crowdfunding, NFT population and number of users, as well as mentoring costs. Initially CyBall will set X to 205.

Guild League

From April 11, CyBall will start hosting the first tournament for gaming guilds. The tournament will be the convergence of all the scholar talents with the highest winrate.

Tournament between Guilds

Reset Leaderboard

CyBall is now adding more filters to the leaderboard and will also reset the leaderboard at the beginning of each month.

This gold board will stay in place until the end of the month. Top 10 rankings by winrate will be eligible for CYB bonus.


In the coming weeks, CyBall will be making tweaks to the match making algorithm.


Instead of matching based on unweighted total skills, CyBall will match according to a new formula, which is Base Skill + y *Added Skill, where y > 1. Nature of This update is emphasizing additional skills, which are skills strategized by players, that are more valuable than basic skills.

In addition, CyBall will also add and remove some Tactic cards.

Future updates

After the launch of CyBall Reborn, the project will launch the highly anticipated 5v5 game modes. 5v5 matches will have a longer duration, including 10 main events instead of the usual 6 in 3v3 matches.

League or tournament modes will also allow users to choose a team to play up to 7 CyBloc including 2 substitutes.

Future updates

About CyBall

CyBall is a “soccer – card” game combined with NFT, where players can collect, exchange, mentor and train CyBlocs to create dramatic competitions between characters. . Initially, the game will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform.

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