CyberKid is a pioneer in equipping Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities

CyberKid is a pioneer in equipping Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities


2022-12-19 23:43:04

CyberKid is the first organization in Vietnam focusing on solutions to raise children’s cyber safety awareness and skills to protect the future of the young generation. After more than 2 years of operation, CyberKid Vietnam officially updated the new brand, upgraded the brand from “Children protection organization in cyberspace” to “The pioneer organization equipping children with digital capabilities and Vietnamese youth”.

CyberKid officially updated the brand after 2 years of operation

With a new operational orientation, CyberKid aims to supplement the necessary skills for children and young people to help develop themselves and adapt to the digital era.

Actively for the future of the young generation

After 2 years of working in the field of protecting and supporting Children in cyberspace, CyberKid has successfully spread the impact to 32,478 Children in more than 20 provinces and cities across Vietnam.

Specifically, 899 “Safety in Cyberspace” classes have been implemented, 196 young cybersecurity talents have been intensively trained by experts, and 89 Children have encountered problems in cyberspace. timely support and psychological counseling. Besides, CyberKid is operating a network of young volunteers including 475 students and more than 150 official members from leading universities in the country. In June 2022, CyberKid officially expanded its operations, establishing a second branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

CyberKid is a pioneer in equipping Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities - Photo 2.

CyberKid team and volunteer network are mainly young students from leading universities in Vietnam.

In addition, children and adolescents also need to be equipped with other digital capabilities to confidently access future learning and working opportunities of the digital economy and digital society. . From this goal, CyberKid made 3 main changes since the 3rd year of operation.

1. Expanding beneficiaries of solutions from Children under 16 years old to Children and Teenagers under 23 years old.

2. Research and develop more content on training and equipping Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities, continue to deploy content to raise awareness about cyber safety for this audience.

3. Align and ensure all future activities of the organization relate to and contribute to the development goals of digital citizenship, the national digital workforce, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. United Nations. Specifically, goal number 4 on ensuring quality education and goal number 8 on decent jobs and economic growth.

At the press conference to update the brand, Ms. Luu Thuy Anh – Master of Positive Psychology, Co-Founder of CyberKid Vietnam said: “CyberKid will focus on fulfilling the mission of developing a responsible, talented, healthy generation of digital citizens to take charge of their own future and society. At the same time, we look forward to the goal of improving. awareness, cyber safety skills, as well as digital literacy and digital readiness for Children and Adolescents.”

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CyberKid’s new brand identity announced with new operational orientation

By updating the brand and aiming to develop a new generation of digital citizens and a national digital workforce, CyberKid hopes to become a companion with Vietnamese children and young people on the path of global development. more present in the future.

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