CyberKid Vietnam updates its brand:The organization that equips Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities

CyberKid Vietnam updates its brand:The organization that equips Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities

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2022-12-19 11:15:43

After 2 years of working in the field of protecting and supporting Children in cyberspace, CyberKid has successfully spread its impact to 32,478 children in more than 20 provinces and cities across Vietnam. Specifically, 899 “Safety in Cyberspace” classes have been implemented, 196 young cybersecurity talents have been intensively trained by experts, and 89 Children have encountered problems in cyberspace. timely support and psychological counseling. Besides, CyberKid is operating a network of young volunteers including 475 students and more than 150 official members from leading universities in the country. In June 2022, CyberKid officially expanded its operations, establishing a second branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

CyberKid is operating a network of young volunteers including 475 students from top universities in the country (Photo: CyberKid Vietnam)

32,478 Children in more than 20 provinces across Vietnam have had access to CyberKid’s solutions (Photo: CyberKid Vietnam)

CyberKid realizes that in addition to being trained to be able to recognize, prevent and respond to risks in cyberspace, they also need to be equipped with other digital capabilities to help them confidently access the Internet. future learning and working opportunities of the digital economy and digital society. Along with that content, CyberKid’s operational goals will be more closely connected with digital citizenship development programs, national digital workforce and 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. .

From the above reasons, entering the third year of operation, CyberKid will make 03 main changes:

  1. Expanding beneficiaries of solutions from Children under 16 years old to Children and Teenagers under 23 years old;
  2. Research and develop more content on training and equipping Vietnamese children and young people with digital capabilities, continue to deploy content to raise awareness of cyber safety for this audience.
  3. Align and ensure all future activities of the organization relate to and contribute to the development goals of digital citizenship, the national digital workforce and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations . Specifically, goal number 4 on ensuring quality education and goal number 8 on decent jobs and economic growth.

In addition to the changes in development direction, CyberKid also launched a new brand identity with an upgraded logo appearance from the old logo with the main element being a robot head – a symbol of the spirit of digital transformation. CyberKid’s powerful.

The new logo in general has a youthful, dynamic and breakthrough nuance with 3 main changes: the winking expression shows the human element in parallel with the development of technology, the “broken” design of the middle image. for CyberKid’s willingness to learn new things and grow.In addition, the logo is smartly applied with the letter C on the left and the wink symbolizing the K in “CyberKid”. The logo has contributed to expressing the dynamic and youthful spirit of Children and Teenagers, the target audience of CyberKid as well as of the young people who have been working at CyberKid.

Speaking at the press conference, Ms. Luu Thuy Anh – Master of Positive Psychology, Co-Founder of CyberKid Vietnam said: “CyberKid will focus on fulfilling the mission of developing a generation of responsible, talented, healthy digital citizens to master their own future and society. At the same time, we look forward to the goal of raising awareness, cyber safety skills, as well as equipping children with digital capabilities and ensuring digital readiness for Children and Adolescents.”

To realize the above mission and goal, CyberKid will implement 02 main activities:

  1. Equipping Children and Adolescents with essential skills to identify, prevent and respond to threats, safety risks and cyber security;
  2. Develop digital skills so that Children and Youth can confidently access learning and work opportunities in the future of the digital economy and digital society.

Following the first part of the brand update ceremony, part 2 is the seminar “The role of digital capabilities for teenagers in self-development” with the goal of raising young people’s awareness of the need. of cultivating digital skills, thereby having the motivation to learn and improve digital capabilities to apply to learning, working, and self-development. The seminar took place with the participation of Ms. Nguyen Phan Thuy Linh – Founder of Nguoc Social Organization; Mr. Nguyen Trong Hoang – Director, Employer Branding Solutions & Community Development at The Trainee Club and Ms. Ha Chu Founder of – A provider of intensive courses on Marketing and Business of F&B industry, have attracted the attention the heart of more than 200 young people across the country.

The speakers shared about the things that students need to keep in mind when working in the digital space.

By updating the brand and aiming to develop a new generation of digital citizens and a national digital workforce, CyberKid hopes to become a companion with Vietnamese children and young people on the path of global development. more present in the future.

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