Dafi Protocol (DAFI) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  A complete overview of the DAFI virtual currency

Dafi Protocol (DAFI) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info A complete overview of the DAFI virtual currency


2021-04-01 05:17:45

Dafi Protocol (DAFI) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

The Dafi Protocol is the first protocol to allow staking, liquidity, and bonus proportional to the unique needs of every network.

What problems does the Dafi Protocol solve?

All decentralized economies distribute tokens to users. The problem is the low-level delivery, creating oversupply and devaluing the economy.

There is no relationship between the release of the network provision and the adoption of the network. This harms long-term users and is only beneficial for short-term participants.

How does the Dafi Protocol solve the problem?

Dafi introduces a solution that uses network rewards to build a decentralized economy:

  • Instead of directly issuing tokens for staking and payment, Dafi associates aggregators with the adoption of each network. Meaning that the network release and demand are proportional.
  • Users are still encouraged when adoption is low, but will be rewarded later, not earlier.

By linking these two factors, it attracts long-term users which are encouraged for longer, supporting adoption.

Dafi allows any protocol and platform to generate a synthetic flavor from native tokens. This is then algorithmically pegged to the needs of their network and distributed to the user. The aggregated dToken on Dafi can be created by projects and distributed to their users for staking money, nodes, and liquidity.

Individuals can stake DAFI to manage and mortgage the creation of dDAFI, the first aggregate unit tied to network needs. The aggregate amount can only increase as the network usage increases. That encourages more permanent users.

What is DAFI Token?

DAFI is the native token of the protocol, used for many different purposes

Basic information

Ticker DAFI
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Standard Governance, Unility Token
Token type ERC-20
Total Supply 2,250,000,000 DAFI
Contract 0xfc979087305a826c2b2a0056cfaba50aad3e6439

Token allocation

Release schedule

DAFI release schedule

DAFI Token Sale

Private Sale

  • Private Sale Raise: $ 750,000
  • Private Sale Price: $ 0.0015
  • Private Sale Lock-up: 15% unlock at TGE, weekly unlock for 6 months

Strategic Round

  • Strategic Round Allocation: 150,000 $
  • Strategic Round Price: 0.0028 $
  • Strategic Round Lock-up: 15% unlock at TGE, weekly unlock for 5 months

Community Offering (SHO)

  • SHO Allocation: $ 150,000
  • SHO Price: $ 0.0033
  • SHO Lock-up: Unlocked SHO Individual Cap: $ 500

What is DAFI coin used for?

  • Staking
  • Governance
  • Adoption

dafi protocol tokenomics

On which exchange is DAFI traded?

You can currently register for an account and buy DAFI on Bitmax:

Linh register for Bitmax account: https://CHK.com/go/bitmax

DAFI coin storage wallet

It is quite easy to find a suitable wallet for example: Trustwallet, Ledger Nano X, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Coin98 Wallet,…. Or you can store it directly on the exchange, where you bought the token. Remember to turn on full security.

Potential Assessment of Dafi Protocol (DAFI)

Dafi Protocol Team

  • Zain Rana (Founder): Zain has been the key global speaker on Blockchain since 2018. He has introduced Blockchain and Dafi to top organizations and universities across the UK. Formerly a technical market analyst and working on the digital financial systems of some of the largest UK retailers like Morrisons. Also established a data analysis software in 2018 (called BP). Then offered free for use in UK 2020 pandemic. His role is mainly Finance / Tech (CEO).
  • Babar Shabir (Head of Partnerships): Babar was formerly a partner of Bloktide and operates mainly on business development.
  • Johan Gonzalez (Research Analyst): Create research backed data on Dafi integrations in token models for partners.


Famous investors in Dafi Protocol include: AU21 Capital, Spark digital capital, …

investors dafi


partnership dafi


Dafi creates a plug-and-play solution that can be used simply by most networks, with slight modifications to their architecture.

Aggregates are represented in the form of smart contract regulated tokens that adjust their number relative to the selected network needs. Projects lock the amount of tokens they desire and generate some dTokens based on (current demand / basic need) * Amount aggregated.

According to need can be modified to choose a variety of variables to suit tokenomics, including: Price, Volume Onchain, Transaction value, Offchain volume, Nodes, TVL.


roadmap dafi

Should you invest in DAFI?

Dafi solves a tricky point, for both the project (those who want to reward without destroying the tokens) and users (the current model favors short-term participants only).

If a project has tokens, they can create a dToken with Dafi. Even as low as 0.1% of their supply can be used. That is, the strategy is not to immediately replace staking or encourage liquidity.

Dafi allows projects to deliver reduced aggregate amounts and instead allow that quantity to increase as the demand of the network increases. That means short-term users burn aggregate to get a low end token count. Long term users use the aggregate network and are rewarded through the network adoption (scaling aggregates).

This is Dafi’s market access strategy to address the problems that need to be addressed. And you, how do you view this project? Please consider carefully before making investment intentions.

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