Dapper Labs becomes the first NFT company to register to lobby with the US government

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2022-01-07 10:55:18

Through public disclosure on January 3, Dapper Labs became the first NFT company to be federally registered to lobby with the US government.

Dapper Labs becomes the first NFT company to register to lobby with the US government

Based in Vancouver, Dapper Labs is the organization behind blockchain development Flow, offering a wide range of products based on NFTs and dApps. In addition, Dapper Labs cooperates with the NBA and is responsible for Top Shot, a basketball NFT marketplace. The UFC has also partnered with Dapper Labs to offer a similar service in the near future.

The filing comes as many major players in the cryptocurrency market are forming a clear position with US lawmakers who are trying to understand how rapidly blockchain technology is evolving. . Typically, the US House of Representatives hearings with the CEOs of 6 major crypto companies took place later this year.

While Congress has so far shied away from NFT-related policy discussions, the Dapper Labs filing highlights how companies in the sector are preparing for the regulatory battles ahead.

Per the announcement, Dapper Labs has recruited Crossroad Strategies as its corporate lobbyist, with the goal of lobbying for a regulatory framework for NFT, blockchain, and other financial services. Like other groups, Dapper Labs is bringing a huge political opportunity to the entire crypto industry.

In addition, Dapper Labs added Alison Kutler as its new head of government affairs in November 2021. Kutler served as the former Director of the Office of Government and Consumer Affairs, as well as an advisor. specifically for the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from June 2015 to April 2017.

Kutler has also signed up to lobby on behalf of Dapper Labs. However, Dapper Labs did not reveal much about its intention to “infiltrate” Washington. Rachel Rogers, a spokesperson for the company, simply stated that Dapper Labs intends to promote mainstream Web3 education and adoption.

The reality is that Congress has not yet begun to seriously discuss regulating the NFT. However, with questions remaining around regulation and taxation, lobbyists hope that will change. Because for the political world, the NFT not only creates a policy conundrum, but also an opportunity to raise funds.

Former First Lady Melania Trump, for example, launched the NFT issuance platform on Solana in mid-December. Former President Donald Trump’s longtime collaborator Roger Stone is selling a cover of ’90s NFT magazine which he said was signed by Trump. Stone’s goal is to fund legal and medical bills.

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