Dating in Metaverse: Romantic Dating App via App in India

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2022-02-24 09:47:19

Virtual meetings are becoming increasingly popular during pandemic restrictions. Meanwhile, Metaverse allows people from different physical locations to meet and interact in a virtual location. So what will the experience of dating in the Metaverse world be like?

Recently, Mingout, an Indian startup brought 2 test users to a meeting in Metaverse. The couple had a romantic dinner with a view of outer space.

Romantic dating app via App in India

Mingout co-founder Harshveer Jain told the media after the event:

“Romance comes to you in puberty and stays with you until your last breath. It’s funny – in a country that loves love, we still find it difficult to express and experience romance comfortably. And that’s why we built Mingout.”

The app is touted as the only dating app in the world where virtual interactions are possible in the Metaverse, and the founders want to play a pioneering role in the “dating revolution.”

In addition to the main function of connecting people, the application also includes hosting virtual events; make dating suggestions to users. The founders say they are growing their network further. Not only singles but also trying to attract people who already have “other half” but need to find a new side to experience romance.

Mingout has done more than 1,000 dates on the app, but venturing into the Metaverse, which combines a number of different technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, can make for an immersive experience, more fun and interactive.

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