Decode the characters that appear in the LG TV name

Decode the characters that appear in the LG TV name


2021-04-02 03:18:50

LG TVs are favored in the market today because the model and price match the quality of the product. However, not every user when buying a product can understand the words and characters that appear in the LG TV name. Let’s decode these characters together!


In this article, we take the 43-inch LG 4K Smart TV model 43LK5700PTA for illustration purposes.

43: Describes the number of inches of the product

L: Full HD resolution description

Note: On other LG TVs, text may appear

  • U: 4K TV (Ultra HD)
  • S: Super Ultra HD (TV with Nano cell technology), OLED

On some other TVs, it may appear different to describe different resolutions

K: Products launched in 2018

Note: On other LG TVs, text may appear

  • M: Product launched in 2019
  • K: Product launched in 2018
  • H: Product launched in 2016
  • F, G: Product launched in 2015
  • The year of release is different from the year of manufacture

Different letters represent the year of product launch

5: TV series with Full HD resolution

Note: On other LG TVs, digital may appear

  • 6.7: 4K TV series (except 43LM6300PTB product which is Full HD resolution)
  • 8.9: Super Ultra HD TV series

700: Functions, design. The higher these three digits, the more advanced the function, the design, the material

PTA: TV series supports digital terrestrial television DVB-T2

Note: If the TV shows D at the end, instead of PTA, it means the TV does not support DVB-T2 standard.

The final character of the decoding television line does not support DVB-T2 standard terrestrial television or not


In this article, make the Smart TV LG 55-inch model 55C7T for illustration purposes.

55: Describe the number of inches of the television

C: High-end technology and design language

Note: On some TVs, text may appear

  • G: The TV is designed on a flat glass surface
  • W: The highest-grade wall-mounted OLED series, symbolizing the line of paintings on the wall
  • E: The TV has a design like hanging a picture on a glass
  • C, B: TV has a normal design, is equipped with Dolby Vison technology, HDR 10

Describes high-end technology and design language

7: Product launched in 2017

Note: On some other TV models, numbers may appear

  • 6: Product launched in 2016
  • 8: Product launched in 2018
  • 9: Product launched in 2019

T: The TV series supports DVB-T2

Note: The LG 55EG9A7T OLED TV line is not in the name as instructed in the article because this TV series has a Full HD screen.

Thus, with the character decoding part of LG TV that we give, surely you will no longer be awkward when you go to buy a TV.


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