Decoding magic tricks that cannot be smoked, surprisingly simple recipes

Decoding magic tricks that cannot be smoked, surprisingly simple recipes


2021-04-01 19:43:59

On stage, magician Mario Lopez tried to smoke a cigarette in his hand but its filter seemed to have ‘legs’ and was constantly running away from his mouth, preventing him from fulfilling his purpose. His extremely interesting magic show brought the audience’s “burst of belly” laughter and also made them wonder “what the hell is going on with cigarettes?”.

So, what’s hidden behind this fun and entertaining magic show, the cigarette that Mario Lopez uses is so special. Let’s find out through the article below to get the answer.

The truth is that the secret of this magic trick lies in the cigarette used by the magician. The cigarette that he held in his hand was not an ordinary cigarette but had a special structure. Specifically, the two filters are glued to the two ends of the cigarette and only half glued. To deceive viewers that its filter appears to have a ‘running leg’, the magician only needs to quickly turn the cigarette skillfully.

The special construction cigarette used by magician Mario.

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, the filter on the cigarette does not move, but actually has two filters on the two ends of the cigarette.

With the ingenuity and quick hand, magician Mario Lopez only needs to use a simple cigarette to perform a magic full of fun, strange transformations that make the audience in awe.


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