Decoding the magic trick that a truck ran over and still safe

Decoding the magic trick that a truck ran over and still safe


2021-03-23 20:49:39

The magicians Penn and Teller performed a classic magic show in 1990 called ‘Truck trick’.

In this magic show, Teller will drive the truck over Penn who are lying down on the ground. Tires crushed Penn, but then he stood up coolly, with no injuries. What strange thing happened, and what is the mystery behind this dangerous magic?

Decoding magic screen

In fact, the tricks of this magic show are very simple and follow the laws of physics. The secret lies in the truck and the tire hitting Penn.

The truck used in this magic show has been designed so that the weight is shifted to the other side of the vehicle by attaching an additional weight of about 2.7 tons on the opposite side of the side we see. . In addition, for the truck to be balanced, special wheels are added to this truck.

On the opposite side (the side we see), fake tires are attached to the car that no longer have a payload function (there is no pressure exerted on this row of wheels) to deceive the audience. Therefore, the magician remains unharmed even after being run over by a truck.

Note: This is a performance by professionals, readers should absolutely not try to follow in any situation because it will be dangerous.


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