Decoding the “make in Vietnam” Audio product fever

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2022-01-01 10:17:08

Glorious Reviewer (Studio Pretend Channel): “MAIKA is truly a member of the family!”

Vinh Vat Vo (real name: Tran Xuan Vinh) is one of the famous names in the technology world in the field of product review. He is currently the owner of a Youtube channel with more than 2.1 million subscribers with nearly 5,000 videos.

Decoding the fever of Audio make in Vietnam products - Photo 2.

After a while of experiencing the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker, Vinh Vy Vo shared: “I like MAIKA because I can speak Vietnamese with a natural, pleasant and lovely intonation better than the way Google and Siri talk to us.”

In addition, the guy is also very interested in the rich content store, diverse genres such as jokes, ghost stories, fairy tales, … that MAIKA owns. All content is carefully censored by OLLI, suitable for Vietnamese culture and highly educational for children. MAIKA can also transform into an “effective assistant” when she is always dedicated to arranging schedules, reminding work, alarms or calling.

Just command “MAIKA, remind me to cook rice at 5:00 pm” and the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker will remind you so you don’t miss any work.. – Vinh Vy is excited to share.

However, Vinh also emphasized that besides interacting a lot with the virtual assistant, you also have to understand the command structure to master MAIKA. When giving commands, users need to refer to the attached user manual to know how to clearly and correctly say the command syntax so that MAIKA can execute it correctly and quickly.

Reviewer Duy Luan ( Forum): “Controlling smart home in Vietnamese is really useful”

After many years joining, Duy Luan is increasingly loved by the audience with many reviews with a slow and close style. In addition, he also owns a cute Duy Luan Youtube channel with more than 100 thousand subscribers.

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For many years working in technology product evaluation, Duy Luan said he was very excited when he first held a smart speaker for Vietnamese and Vietnamese people: “MAIKA is a Vietnamese virtual assistant that I think is the best up to now, from tone, way of answering to the ability to receive alternating English – Vietnamese languages”.

Not only that, Duy Luan also shared that he really liked MAIKA’s design. Although the appearance is simple, not outstanding, but thanks to that, the product is suitable for any position in your home: in the office, in the bedroom, on the shelf of the living room, …

Currently, OLLI MAIKA is also a rare bright piece in the smart home control market. Smarthome systems of Dien Quang, Tuya, Lumi, BKAV and Rang Dong… are all connected to OLLI MAIKA speakers. However, Duy Luan also hopes that OLLI will expand this list to bring more choices to users.

Reviewer Nam Anh (Nam Anh Studio Channel): “This is a young product, but compared to the price range, MAIKA has done very well with the features”.

If Vinh Vy Vo is famous for reviewing phone products and technology in general, Duy Luan often shares about smarthome products, then Nam Anh is a favorite reviewer in the community of audio products players. . The difference that helps Nam Anh score points in the community is the in-depth evaluation content and experts with expertise in audiovisual products.

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Holding the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker in hand, Nam Anh excitedly shared: “This is the heart of a team of more than 60 Vietnamese people for about 5 years. This smart speaker is worth buying for those who want to support. Using MAIKA speakers is a priority to use the whole ecosystem of Vietnamese people such as Dien Quang Smarthome, Nhaccuatui, Coc Coc browser,… Therefore, the product is also suitable for the vast majority of people. Vietnamese of all genders, all ages and all regions”.

Nam reviewer also said that the virtual assistant MAIKA solves questions and issues that Vietnamese people care about. For example, ask for the lunar date, gold price, dollar price or news about COVID-19. However, MAIKA should also update a variety of commands to be able to meet more needs of customers.

Only launched since mid-2021, but the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker has made a mark in the hearts of famous technology reviewers. This is a smart speaker that is constantly improving over time. The OLLI team also constantly updates and perfects existing content and features as well as develops new ones based on user feedback.

OLLI MAIKA speaker is a product that brings “the soul of MAIKA virtual assistant” with the ability to interact with Vietnamese voice for entertainment needs, reminders, information search, smart home ownership and hundreds of other conveniences. Other interesting benefits.

Readers can experience the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker at the showroom: 88 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCMC; or learn more at website and fanpage by OLLI.


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