DECOIN.IO pushes boundaries with exciting developments.

DECOIN.IO pushes boundaries with exciting developments.


2021-03-25 00:37:15

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The crypto market is experiencing a high growth rate in the first half of 2018, this past June saw investor interest in ICOs that could deliver real potential value to investors. . DECOIN, is a blockchain-based decentralized exchange and exchange platform with revenue redistributed to crypto owners.

Shay Perry, CEO of DECOIN “We are delighted to have raised $ 4 million in capital. The support from the crypto community is great, and we will announce the development of the project in the future. ”

Company overview

DECOIN is creating a new wave in the blockchain space, by developing an exchange that provides practical benefits to users. The company’s blockchain, based on a proof of stake (PoS) algorithm, creates trust for users by rewarding 6% of the reward. The company will be comprised of global operations, with multilingual support provided on international offices.

The DTEP platform will launch within the next 6 months

In addition to hitting the milestone, the company will move forward quickly with the development of exchange platforms and exchanges. DECOIN (DTEP) in the next development phase of the roadmap. DTEP is expected to launch in about 6 months, coinciding with the time when DTEP receives a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which will allow DTEP to operate legally according to regulations.

Increase interest rates in DECOIN’S Crypto Indexes

Besides, DECOIN is making significant progress in the development of the DECOIN Crypto Indexes (DCI). Team analysts are analyzing and researching new projects for possible inclusion in the Indexes, all projects will be scrutinized before making a final decision on which projects will included in DCI.

DECOIN has completed some impressive initial results, and from the company’s leadership point of view this is just a great start to the project’s future success.

Shay Perry, CEO of DECOIN say:

“We have reached our first funding target, from the number of users we were hoping to see the contribution to the project at this stage.” “There are international hedge funds interested in investing in,” Perry added DECOIN. We are very excited about our first successful step in the project and confident in our development path ahead. ”

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