DeFi in Polkadot No.11 |  22.03.2021

DeFi in Polkadot No.11 | 22.03.2021


2021-03-31 08:46:36

“DeFi in Polkadot” is a weekly series, updating the Coin98 Ventures team’s developments and perspectives on Polkadot and DeFi projects within this ecosystem.

If you see the lack of projects that are not mentioned in the DeFi in Polkadot series or have any comments, do not hesitate to share with the team via email. [email protected]


Test Parachain Auctions & Crowdloans on Rococo

On March 25, the trial of Parachain Auctions & Crowdloans on Rococo was officially launched. If you want to participate in this event, can refer to the instructions here.

Web 3.0 bootcamp

Web 3.0 Bootcamp will be hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Parity and Web 3 Foundation. This is a very good opportunity for the 12i most promising startups from around the world to be selected for this six-month training program.

The training program aims to help these projects have a clear plan or develop sustainable business models on Substrate and Polkadot.

Infrastructure & Parachain

Apron x Litentry

Apron – a decentralized infrastructure service built on Polkadot for DApp & Defi developers and infrastructure operators, announced a strategic partnership with Litentry, a holistic protocol Crosschain identity consolidation is built on Subtrate.

Through this partnership, Apron Network will integrate Litentry’s Decentralized Identity Synthesis API (DID) while Litentry becomes the Apron Network’s data provider, allowing Dapp developers on Apron Network to use Litentry’s identity algorithm and real-time user information – identification data aggregated from multiple networks.

Apron x Patract

During the week, Apron also announced a partnership with Patract – a Wasm Smart Contract open platform for Polkadot.

Through this partnership, Patract will integrate Parity’s existing technology with the full suite of Wasm contracts developed by themselves to create a new generation of the Wasm Open Contract Platform.

Darwinia x Cere Network

Darwinia – a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, announced a partnership with Cere Network – a blockchain data storage solution optimized to facilitate human interaction. use.

Cere will reserve 30 whitelist slots for the community of Dawinia in the upcoming token sale of the project.

Phala x TrustBase

Phala Network – a cloud service provider platform that protects privacy, has partnered with TrustBase – a parachain of Polkadot, uses the Subscript smart contract language, supports many plug-in tools and Various smart contract applications.

The two sides pledged to work together to develop infrastructure on Polkadot.

Plasm triumphed over Parachain Auction over Rococo

Plasm won 2nd Parachain position on the Rococo testnet. This helps Plasm complete all functions prior to the upcoming implementation of the parachain auction on Kusama. This is a big step forward for Plasm.

Kilt Protocol defeats Parachain Auction over Rococo

After Plasm, Kilt Protocol won the 3rd Parachain position on the Rococo testnet.

Moonbeam x DIA

Moonbeam – an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on the Polkadot network has partnered with DIA, an open source financial information platform that helps validate data.

Through this partnership, DIA will enable DApp developers to build applications on a large and authenticated data source.

ChainX x Cere Network

ChainX – a project focused on Bitcoin Layer-2 research and extension, has also partnered with Cere Network.

Cere will also reserve 30 whitelist slots for Chain-X’s community during the project’s token sale.

It can be seen that Cere is going a very new strategy to reach out to the community on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Instructions for hosting NFT on Crust Network

NFT is becoming a new trend in Blockchain, and Crust is also taking advantage of this trend to develop. Crust will provide multiple storage solutions for the NFTs.

Instructions for storing detailed NFTs on Crust Network, please see more here.


Acala wins parachain slot auction on testnet Rococo

Acala was the first project to win the Parachain slot on Rococo.

Karura: More than 24,000 applications registered to join the waitlist

Karura – a DeFi hub, Acala’s version of the KusamaNetwork, has seen more than 24,000 people join the project’s waitlist.

The waitlist for parachain auction ends this Wednesday at 11:59 PM UTC, so if you don’t want to miss out on this potential project. If you want to participate, please fill out the form here.



The Polkad DeFiance event organized by Equilibrium has ended successfully.

Coin98 also has articles summarizing the best topics in this event, you can read more here.

Konomi (KONO) tokenomics

A few days ago, Konomi updated KONO Tokenomics to give users more in-depth analysis of what’s happening on the Konomi Roadmap and the project’s $ KONO token.


Polkadex overview

The article includes 4 sections on the key points related to Polkadex’s 3 levels of asset control:

  • User level.
  • Cloud level.
  • System level.

Synthetic Assets

StaFi launches rATOM

StaFi – the first DeFi protocol to help unlock the liquidity of Staking assets, recently launched rATOM – a solution that solves the staking asset liquidity problem for the Cosmos community.


Tidal testnet

On March 28, Tidal announced the launch of Testnet. If you have some free time, you can experience using the product and give some feedback to Tidal team.

Tidal x Bifrost

Tidal has announced the partnership with Bifrost – a DeFi protocol on Polkadot.

Through this partnership, Tidal will be to enhance the security of Bifrost’s platform by providing insurance for Bifrost’s vToken smart contracts.

Tidal x Polygon

During the week, Tidal also announced a strategic partnership with Polygon – the Layer-2 platform on Ethereum. Through this partnership, Tidal Finance will provide a new layer of security for Polygon while Polygon will help Tidal users save on gas fees when trading.

Tidal x Elrond

An active week of the Tidal project, the project also announced a partnership with Elrond – a blockchain protocol that provides fast transaction speeds using sharding.

Tidal will become a strategic partner and provide insurance solutions for the Elrond ecosystem.

Oracle & Data

Kylin x Raze Network

Kylin Network – a cross-chain platform providing solutions for the data economy on Polkadot, has established a partnership with Raze Network, a cross-chain security protocol based on the Substrate of the ecosystem. Thai Polkadot.

The two sides collaborate to help extend Raze Network’s security protocol, helping the project to build a lasting layer of security in the DeFi space in Polkadot.

Kylin x MobiFi

MobiFi – a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project has partnered with Kylin Network to use Kylin’s Oracle product.

Initially, MobiFi will integrate the price data source from Kylin oracle. They can then use the Kylin Data Analytics REST ful API tools to perform the analytical functions.



HydraDX has articles that guide Claim HDX, Staking HDX, and many other features. Brothers who have purchased HDX and are interested in Staking, can see more here.

Reef Chain testnet

On March 31, Reef Chain – The first DeFi blockchain above on Substrate will announce the testnet version of the project. To try the testnet of Reef, see more here.


“DeFi in Polkadot” is a series collected weekly, aimed at providing information about the Polkadot ecosystem.

Brothers refer to have more views. This is not investment advice.

For projects that would like to be featured in the “DeFi in Polkadot” Series or have any suggestions, please talk to us at [email protected]

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