Dell Technologies Data Protection – comprehensive cloud data protection solution

Dell Technologies Data Protection – comprehensive cloud data protection solution


2021-03-26 17:53:08

Dell Technologies is ready to provide your business organizations with a comprehensive cloud data protection solution that drives digital transformation and drives growth.

A comprehensive review of digital transformation shows us that up to 98% of business organizations invest in emerging technologies related to cloud such as 5G infrastructure, AI / Machine Learning, single cloud applications. Net, SaaS applications, and containers (application packaging environment) in the roadmap driving digital transformation drive growth.

For important applications like ERP / CRM, BI, or even pure office applications, the survey shows that enterprise organizations increasingly prioritize the deployment of cloud services. 53% of businesses surveyed said they would soon deploy a BI system on a public cloud, while the figure with ERP on the private cloud is 46%.

According to a report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published late 2020 that 94% of IT professionals are currently using public cloud services and they plan to bring most of the other important workloads to the cloud in next 5 years.

Cloud infrastructure and services have become an indispensable tool in the IT development strategy of an enterprise, providing a diverse and solid foundation for developing new service applications, and rapidly handling progress. process important.

The benefits of a multi-cloud approach are becoming clear.

Challenges and solutions

To understand the impact of the cloud and the complexity of advanced technologies on readiness to protect data, Dell Technologies surveyed and gathered information with more than 1,000 leaders and experts. IT planning in the business. The data shows that down time, data loss with cloud services have increased by 82% in 2019. For every 10 respondents, 8 believe that data protection technologies that they are using unable to meet future needs, nor in accordance with the development and quality commitment (SLA). More than half of these have struggled to find data protection solutions for pure cloud applications, SaaS applications and containers.

Dell Technologies Data Protection - comprehensive cloud data protection solution - Photo 2.

System of data protection solutions built by Dell Technologies complete with the strategy “Data First”.

Many businesses choose to use different data protection solutions in the cloud computing environment at the same time. This contributes to certain difficulties in controlling, exploiting and the owner’s ability to operate the system. On average, the amount of data lost in 12 months amounted to 2.3 terabytes compared to an enterprise using only one data protection solution, causing the recovery cost to increase to 1 million USD. Along with that, downtime is up to 21 hours with repair costs over $ 881,000. That means organizations using different combinations of data protection solutions suffer five times (5x) more losses than organizations using a unified data protection solution. In addition, they incur an average cost of almost double (2x) for unplanned system downtime.

Before that fact, Dell Technologies built a complete data protection solution system with a “Data First” strategy for its customers. Dell Technologies’ state-of-the-art and proven data protection portfolio allows customers to effectively protect any workload, while also ensuring data backup on any field from peripherals, core systems and cloud environments (private, public, hybrid). Unofficial statistics show that a total of more than 2.7 billion gigabytes of critical enterprise data are being protected by Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies Data Protection solutions for multi-cloud help solve a variety of challenges faced by businesses. In addition to simplifying management with a centralized, unified system, it also reduces deployment risks and costs, increases responsiveness and resilience, and helps protect, backup, and restore data. data more quickly.

Dell Technologies deploys proven technology for data protection across multi-cloud environments that not only delivers better deployment efficiency, but also makes it easier to scale when the business needs it. . No matter what digital transformation the business is in, Dell Technologies can provide the right cloud data protection solution so that these units confidently deploy their infrastructure and deliver the best service out of the box. out.

In Vietnam, Dell Technologies cloud-based data protection solutions are consulted and provided by NT&T Co., Ltd (

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