Delysium – Blockbuster AAA FPS Game On Immutable Ecosystem X

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2022-12-04 15:14:42


Delysium is considered the first AAA standard blockchain game. Delysium is an open space world on blockchain. With admirable graphics quality and innovative gameplay, players can immerse themselves in the role of Metabeings – indigenous digital residents.

For Delysium to include not only continuous experiences built around players but also open data and apps for developers, the goal is to share the value of an entire ecosystem Delysium said. particular and Immutable X in general.


Delysium is an AI-powered open world. All of the Delysium universes gather to become the Delysium multiverse, and each is run by a different Delysium multiverse (IMO) operator, creating a highly diverse game experience for players. .


Granted human rights, Al MetaBeings can hold their own assets, automatically participate in game modes and earn income like human players. They can also promote ecosystem well-being through both consumption and investment. Each Al MetaBeing has a complete neural brain system to control their live actions in the virtual world. This nervous system consists of different modules: Conversation, behavior and voice.


Delysium is set in the year 2045 with digitized real people living with MetaBeings, native inhabitants of the Metaverse. Throughout a series of battles and struggles for rights, power, and resources, it’s up to the player to decide what the future of Delysium will look like.


The Battle Royale game experience is being developed by the Delysium team and kicks off its first season with the launch of the Alpha phase in October 2022. And now registration is open for early beta slots.

Players will join two other players to form a 3-player team. The game will have a total of 42 players. At the beginning, choose a suitable landing place, then collect weapons, ammo, accessories, armor, items such as blood, potions.
The sole goal of the player and squad is to survive to the end of the game through a variety of tactics and cooperation. Players and teams can try to improve their rankings to receive loot containing Tokens/NFTs, as well as in-game resources and more.

After each match, players will also improve their ranking points, as well as receive unique rewards at the end of each season.

Players can earn loot boxes (tokens, NFTs, game resources…) by participating in different game modes and selling them on the market. And in-game items such as MetaBeings, virtual creatures, cyberbody, weapons, vehicles can all be collected in the game from there to upgrade and can be sold as in-game rewards.


The native $DES token will be built on Ethereum, with a total fixed supply of 3 billion tokens

The $DES Tokens will be used to interact with the ecosystem and encourage the Delysium community to grow.

The schedule to fully unlock the total supply of $DES is up to 4 years and distributed as per the table below.


December 2021: Public announcement, initiated by the community.
March 2022: Released several NFT collectibles & weapons public sales.
May 2022: Launch of Alpha Pre-Test to the community.
September 2022: Launch of Delysium multiverse and decentralized game publishing.
October 2022: Launch of Alpha Test and Demo Universe.
June 2023: Delysium multiverse operators begin operating different universes.
December 2023: Launch Beta Test.


Delysium’s development team is world-class in both R&D and art design in the gaming industry. Two members of Delysium, EP and Bo, have worked for Riot for nearly 8 years and are the leading producer of Riot China. In the production team, Delysium also has a number of experienced industry members from Ubisoft EA, Scopely, Kabam, Xsolla … and especially very experienced in the field of AAA game production.
The R&D team has also worked together for many years. Delysium’s top engineers all have over 10 years of experience.

Bo Mei is a Former Senior Product Manager & Lead Producer at Riot. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of game production, publishing, and strategic management. Bo Mei’s valuable experiences will certainly be invaluable to the development of Delysium.


As per the recent announcement Delysium has raised $10 million of a strategic round led by VC Anthos Capital with participation from ImmutableX, GSR, Blockchain Coinvestors, Leonis Capital, Plancker DAO, Antalpha Ventures (the venture arm of the company). Bitmain), Perion and Formless Capital.

In addition, on March 17, Delysium also raised $4 million in a private-sale round led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and Alameda Research.
From here we can see the project was built very well right from the funding round and Delysium investors are mostly huge investors in the crypto market and especially the NFT game.

In addition, Delysium also cooperates with many partners in the field of Web3 gaming such as: Axie Guild, Metasense DAO, ..



Delysium is invested by many investors and combined with many reputable partners in the crypto market and blockchain gaming segment in this downtrend. Therefore, investors have carefully examined the project, so Delysium has a lot of potential in the future.

Delysium’s products are very different from the whitepaper of the project, they make a lot of investment and are confident that this is the number 1 whitepaper in the world. Good products, carefully built and tested, are a very good competitive advantage with other projects in the near future.


Currently we are in Bear Market, so before the project wants to explode in the future, it must stay active and be able to “survive” through this moment.

For Tokenomics, Delysium’s reserve is quite large, which also shows that the rewards of the project for players will be very rich, but however, there has not been any document about the part that will reduce deflation or curb inflation. issue this $DES token.


In this article, we have come together to learn the most basic information about a world-class AAA standard Blockchain game. With a methodical investment as well as a talented development team, Delysium will certainly create a revolution with the blockchain gaming world in the near future.

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