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2022-06-23 16:42:41

Some famous names in the Defi tracker segment can be mentioned as Zapper or Zerion. With the system being gradually completed, Zapper or Zerion have also started charging users. For that reason, DePocketan emerging Defi tracker, becomes more advantageous when it not only supports multi-chain, multi wallet, DEX aggregator, etc., but also completely free to use.

Once selected to present in the MVB IV – Demo Applicant EP07 program, DePocket has provided many useful solutions for the virtual currency enthusiast community. Having learned from the limitations of its predecessors, DePocket is a very potential project, with the potential to become the perfect piece for the rapidly developing world of DeFi.

first/ DePocket what? What is its role for different ecosystems?

The explosive growth of the Defi market in recent years makes us wonder: How to invest effectively but still ensure the most important factor is safety? Statistical data shows that 14 billion USD in the form of cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers in 2021. That is an alarming number.

So how to track balances and wallet-related investments while ensuring security? The answer is DePocket!

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However, DePocket is not just a simple Defi tracker, this application also develops many useful features, contributing to making it an indispensable “transfer station” between blockchain “spaces”.

First, users can swap multiple tokens on multiple platforms through DePocket at the lowest possible cost. For example, if you have a BEP20 token but don’t know which DEX to sell this token at. You just need to go to DePocket, it will automatically choose the exchange with the fastest speed and the lowest fees!

Next, DePocket also integrates many forms of investment such as farming or staking of many platforms on its application. With a friendly interface, users can easily choose the platform with the highest APY/APR in just a few clicks.

Finally, the On-chain API feature can be considered a breakthrough that makes a difference for DePocket. Investors can easily identify market trends to make the right investment decisions from the data that DePocket provides.

In general, different blockchains often build separate service spaces. Therefore, users also take a lot of time and effort to connect them together. As a “bridge” between rich blockchain “oases”, DePocket promises to become the perfect puzzle piece. for the Defi world in the near future!

2/ DePocket’s advantage over other competitors

If you are wondering whether to use DePocket or another application. I’ll give you the answer right here!

  • Multi-chain: Most Defi trackers these days only show wallet balances on one blockchain at a time, but DePocket can display the entire balance of all blockchains on the same dashboard.
  • Staking/Farming: Staking/farming investments linked to wallets on various platforms can also be tracked easily on DePocket.
  • Multi-wallets: DePocket also supports displaying the balances of multiple wallets in the same interface.
  • NFT support: If looking at NFTs can be difficult for some users, DePocket has intuitive NFT tracking support on its platform.
  • The most important thing: DePocket is audited by Certik! So users can be assured of safety and security!

For easier comparison, we can take Zerion as an example. Zerion is one of the pioneers in the field of Defi tracker and has integrated many features related to cryptocurrency trading. Users need a wallet connection to use all Zerion features. In addition, the application also started charging a service fee, 0.5% per transaction and free for those who own its NFT. In contrast, over the next few months, DePocket’s features will be perfected and caught up with Zerion. But until now, DePocket is still a completely free application. To reveal more to you, DePocket has released its own token, DEPO. Owning its own token will give the project a significant advantage in future growth and expansion.

3/ The upcoming potential of DEPO . token

Now we will talk about the potential of DEPO, the native token of the DePocket project. According to Cryptorank, DePocket opened for sale IDO on November 30, 2021 on the DuckSTARTER platform at a price of $0.25/DEPO. Meanwhile, the DEPO price on the current market is only ½, equivalent to 0.13 USD/DEPO. With a total supply of just 21 million tokens, DEPO’s total market cap hovers around $3 million. That’s a pretty good price to invest. If analyzed more closely, DEPO once reached ATH at 3.30$. So, it can be said that this is the right time to buy and hold this token. The project only needs to reach a market capitalization of 100 million USD, you will have a profit of 30x!

DePocket will soon release an On-chain API feature for members holding a certain amount of DEPO. Safety, convenience, security and prestige with the roadmap has almost completed as planned, we can be confident that the DePocket project will soon develop explosively in the near future!

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