DeRace (DERC) announced its development roadmap for the first half of 2022

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2022-01-07 04:54:37

2021 is an exciting adventure for the DeRace team and community. In just 6 months of its launch, DeRace has broken records and charts with the most successful IDO of the year. DeRace also owns a “backer” lineup of leading industry players such as Binance NFT,, Animoca Brands, LD Capital, DAO Maker, Polygon, Chainlink… Famous names like Alex Becker, KmanuS88, CZ, Ran Neuner, Elio Trades, Crypto Banter and international stars like Michael Owen and AB de Villiers are also behind this successful project team. And now DeRace is launching a beta version of the game.

With these steps forward and in the excitement of the early days of the new year 2022, DeRace has decided to announce the product development roadmap month by month within the second half of 2022.

January 2022

Mysterious NFT

In January, DeRace will introduce mysterious NFTs. NFT Gen 0 and DJC horse holders will receive an airdrop for the event.

Mysterious NFT scramble specials

DeRace will host races exclusively for players competing for the mysterious NFT prize.

Breeding feature

The most anticipated feature of the DeRace ecosystem is coming – NFT horse breeding! DeRace has upgraded the gameplay mechanics to be more enjoyable and bring more value to owners of Gen 0 NFT horses. They will have exclusive rights to breed NFT horses as Gen 1 crossbreeding will unlock later.

Horses for rent

Besides regular breeding, owners with only one horse will not be “alone”. They can rent their horses to others for breeding and get a substantial fee in return.

Horse racing surface test

Before unlocking the hippodrom and new racing surfaces, DeRace will kick off several events for players to experience the new surface in Adem’s Hippodrome.

Change horse name

Another cool thing coming in January is the NFT horse renaming feature. Users will be able to rename their NFT horses for a small DERC fee. In addition, level 1 and 2 horse owners and DJC will have another small surprise at the event.

February 2022

New Hippodrome

DeRace is launching a new hippodrome in the first half of February! Two more hippodroms will be released with turf pitches and synthetic surfaces. Once you’ve raced at different hippodrome, users will know exactly which track their horse is stronger at and take advantage of them to win over opponents.

Staking DERC One Sided

In February, DeRace will introduce a new form of staking for DERC holders: staking on the one hand and earning multiple rewards.

Mysterious NFT worth DERC

There is some amazing conjecture from the DeRace community about these mysterious NFTs. They are still wondering what they will be, carrots, hay, sugar blocks to iron whips and a number of other imaginative items.

DeRace will keep it a secret until the last minute! The mysterious new NFT is definitely something different and plays a huge role in the entire metaverse. Users will soon be able to purchase them via staking or with DeRace’s DERC.

Publicly Listing DERC

DeRace native token – DERC is now listed on,, UniSwap, QuickSwap and PancakeSwap. Time for DERC to join another exchange. This information will be disclosed later.


Have some fun and win awesome rewards while waiting for the races. Spin-A-Wheel rewards will include NFT, DERC, other tokens…Gen 0 horse owners and Jockey DeRace Club members will have some additional benefits.

High prize races for high horse levels

In February, DeRace will launch more top level NFT horses with exclusive rewards and great stakes.

All about races

In addition, new functions will be added to bring the race to life at the end of February.


Users will be able to prove themselves as the ultimate DeRace champion in DeRace tournaments! The amazing prizes that come with it will be taken for granted.

Update user profile

DeRace will be upgrading user profiles at the end of February. Users will be able to check a horse owner’s profile for their profile, race stats, and more.

March – June 2022

Expanding the horse rental system

Users who don’t already own a DeRace NFT horse? Does not matter! DeRace will introduce a secure NFT horse racing system that will allow horse owners to rent horses from others for their own enjoyment.

Content that drives performance

DeRace will introduce additional NFTs in the game to increase performance. Equip the user’s horse with horseshoes, saddles, and other accessories to reach new heights.

Performance-boosting assets will be sold in DERC, which will bring additional utility to the DeRace native token.

Horse level and ranking

In a few months, DeRace will be adding a horse leveling system! By participating in races and winning them, users will get experience points for enrolling in different levels. Levels will unlock the player’s ability to equip their NFT horses with additional performance-boosting assets.

There will be special races organized for NFT horses of different levels. Higher level will get higher rewards.

Jockey NFT

During the NFT race jockeys will give extra support to their horses to increase their performance. There will be dedicated races where only NFT horses equipped with jockeys will be able to participate and the race winners will share a fantastic prize pool.

Dynamic Hippodrome

Just imagine racing an NFT in the rain, snow or even a storm! Just like in the real world, nature can be unpredictable at times, and DeRace wanted to add this dynamic to its races as well.

DeRace will also add day and night modes to hippodromes, so users can enjoy a realistic horse racing experience in the DeRace metaverse.

The duel competition race

Duel races where the winner takes it all. Challenge the owner of an NFT horse to a sparring race, choosing a stake – it can be their NFT horse, any other NFT item, or a DERC.

Expand user profiles

DeRace will add additional features to the user profile, so that horse owners can flaunt their racing achievements, display their titles, victory history, etc.

Community-owned Hippodromes

Spring will bring us another cool feature – community-curated hippodromes! There will be a limited number of hippodromes available, so start collaborating and build your own community to qualify for hippodrome ownership.

Bookmakers will manage their hippodrome by setting entry fees, claims, managing extra space… Revenue from hippodrome will be divided according to hippodrome ownership.

Create racing events, special tournaments, hippodrome ads to get users’ hippodrome images to be the most popular in the DeRace metaverse! The more people attract, the more races users can participate in.

Automate additional rewards

DeRace will automate the payment of additional rewards such as NFT and other tokens. This will increase the efficiency and transparency of payments, making it easier for hippodrome owners to add special rewards to racing events and tournaments.

July 2022

Rewards for achievements

Summer is not the time to relax for the DeRace team! In July, DeRace is planning to introduce a platform achievement system with badges filled with various rewards for playing the game.

Race on different lanes

Our races will be a little different this summer as the horses will lose their lanes and will race freely on the track. DeRace believes this will bring even more excitement to NFT horse owners and spectators.

DeRace Marketplace

DeRace Marketplace will become a one-stop shop for all DeRace NFTs. Users will easily and safely acquire NFT horses and performance-boosting assets on DeRace Marketplace. All items in the DeRace Marketplace will only be sold at DERC prices.

Mini-games and lottery system

In addition to the interesting main game, DeRace will deploy a number of mini-games, increasing the chances of users to earn DERC, NFT, etc.

Gen 0 and DJC horse owners will be the first to be welcome to try it out and will receive lots of exclusive prizes.

Hippodrome level system

DeRace’s community-owned hippodroms will receive levels that unlock even more exciting gameplay opportunities! In addition, they will unlock upgrades and higher level races!

DeRace mobile app

  • Integrated advertising service
  • Integration with external platforms and other wallets
  • 3rd party betting solution integration
  • API for horse racing streaming platform

The extended schedule for the remaining half of the year will be announced in a few months!

About DeRace

DeRace is a complete blockchain-based virtual NFT horse racing universe. A place where users can participate in races, breed unique NFT horses, organize races in their own NFT hippodrome and profit from it.

DeRace is “revolutionizing” the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their own “DNA-rich” NFT horses and have full control over the hippodrome.


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