Detail of a car model cheaper than Hyundai Grand i10 hundred million: Equipped with Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent

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2022-08-05 08:00:50

After launching the Landy midsize MPV, Suzuki has recently continued to introduce the new Wagon R 2023 model in its home market with prices ranging from only 1,217,700 – 1,756,700 yen (equivalent to about 213 – 307 million yen). copper). This price is even cheaper than A-class cars in Vietnam such as Hyundai Grand i10 or Kia Morning hundreds of millions of dong.

Suzuki Wagon R 2023 The new version includes 3 versions with different designs, namely Standard, Stingray and Custom Z. In which, Custom Z is a new version added by the manufacturer to the Wagon R line. On the Standard version, the design of The new Wagon R is only slightly changed with a new grille and front bumper.

In addition, Suzuki also added some new equipment such as new curtain airbags, 2 pedestrian side airbags, brake assist system with 2 cameras capable of detecting pedestrians at night for Wagon R. 2023 standard version.

Suzuki Wagon R 2023 also owns other notable safety equipment including lane departure prevention system or adaptive cruise control system. It can be seen that, although the price is cheaper than even A-class cars like Hyundai Grand i10 and Kia Morning in Vietnam, the safety equipment that Suzuki Wagon R 2023 owns is better than some B-class sedans like Hyundai. Accent or Toyota Vios in Vietnam.

The latest high-end Suzuki Wagon R Custom Z 2023 has a sportier exterior design than the Standard version. This Custom Z version has a different front bumper, grille and headlights compared to the Standard version.

Specifically, the Custom Z version uses a chrome-plated splint connecting the headlights with a narrower design. Compared to the Standard version, the Custom Z version also has a larger grille. Not stopping there, in the 2 front bumper corners of the Custom Z version, there are also fog lights.

Chrome-plated door handles and multi-spoke wheels painted in two sports colors are also noticeable changes on the Suzuki Wagon R Custom Z 2023. Meanwhile, at the rear, there are reflective lights on the rear bumper. , roof spoiler, integrated overhead brake light. On the Standard Wagon R 2023, the above equipment is not available. Inside the cabin, the interior of the Wagon R Custom Z is black with accents on the armrests on the door tappi and dashboard. Not stopping there, Suzuki Wagon R Custom Z 2023 also has a USB TypeA / Type C port, a heated driver’s seat, button start, automatic air conditioning.

The Suzuki Wagon R Stingray 2023 version has its own front end design with an inverted trapezoidal grille with a glossy black brace in the middle to divide it into 2 floors, integrated with the Suzuki logo. The grille of the car also has decorative chrome splints. Only on the Stingray version, does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 have vertical headlights on either side of the grille.

Like the grille, the central rack recess of the Suzuki Wagon CHEAP Stingray 2023 It is also designed in an inverted trapezoidal shape and placed in the middle of the two front fog lights.

The dual 6-spoke alloy wheels are also a notable highlight on the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 Stingray 2023 version. The remaining details of this version are still the same as the Custom Z version.

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