Detailed Crew3 User Manual (2022)

Detailed Crew3 User Manual (2022)

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2022-11-30 08:06:47

What is Crew3?

Crew3 is a platform that helps create web3 communities and helps users become contributors. With Crew3, community members can compete on leaderboards for rewards for completing quests.

Blockchain games, metaverse, web3 and other DeFi platforms such as zkSync, Gamee, SwissBorg, Ultra, Dogami, zkLend, zkPad, ApWine, CompliFi, Pianity, Tales From the Wild, XBorg, Project Eluune all trust Crew3 as their choice. community support platform.

Advantages of using Crew3

Crew3 is arguably one of the best tools for community building, especially in developing web3 communities for projects in DeFi. Crew3 allows users to link to Twitter and Discord to perform group tasks.

With projects in the crypto market, community building and management face a lot of difficulties in terms of capital and human resources, tools like Crew3 will help operators solve this problem.

Up to the time of writing, there are more than 500 communities that trust Crew3, including some prominent names such as zkSync, Zetachain, Gamee, Harvest…

Crew3 is a completely free platform, users can try it out by visiting the website and selecting the “Try it for free” button.

Crew3 uses bots to check user activity, then aggregates and calculates the reward points of each individual in each community.

Each completed task will help users receive XP (bonus points) and they can claim their wallet right after. Project administrators can add task requests for community members to participate and receive rewards through Crew3.

With Crew3, user contributions will be rewarded with well-deserved rewards. Crew3 is a tool that brings value to the community with a strong attraction, periodically awarding rewards based on user contributions (also known as Fairdrops).

Instead of using bots to invite members, Crew3 makes community building easier by turning referrals into an engine to grow the community in a healthy way.

In addition to the above advantages, Crew3 also has many other features such as providing task templates for the community, powerful filtering or collaborating with groups…

crew3 features

Preparation before using Crew3

Install support platforms

First, you need to prepare one of the following platforms to connect to Crew3:

Connect wallet and account on Crew3

Before participating in the quest and minting NFT, you need to set up an account on Crew3 through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Crew3’s homepage:

Then you choose Connect in the right corner of the screen → Discord or Metamask to connect the wallet.

Step 2: If Discord is selected, Crew3 will automatically link to the Discord homepage and ask the user to enter login information.

crew3 hd1

Step 3: After you have successfully logged in, the right corner will show a button My Communities and Logout.

crew3 hd2

Crew3 . User Manual

Introducing Crew3 .’s interface

When coming to Crew3, new users will easily access information on the homepage with suggested keywords and featured events introduced below.

  • Top Communities: These are the top communities evaluated by Crew3 through different activities and divisions such as NFT, DAO, NFT, Music, Gaming, DeFi, Metaverse, Protocol…
  • New Communities: New communities established by other small projects/organizations.
  • Quests: Is the task board to make the implementation of tasks smoother. Crew3 has 4 suggestions as follows:
    • For the organizer, create several tasks that members can complete easily.
    • Use the conditions suggested by Crew3 so you don’t get overwhelmed with too many options.
    • Give rewards according to the value spent, the higher the reward, the more people will be attracted to your community.
    • Create a sequence task, where the last task requires providing the Discord role to be accessible.

Create your own community

Crew3 allows any organization/individual to create their own community with a few simple and free operations. To create a community, you need to complete the preparation steps as instructed.

Step 1: You visit Crew3 homepage: Select button Create Your Community to create a new community.

Step 2: Enter your answer in the corresponding fields as follows:

crew3 hd4

Step 3: After successful initialization, Crew3 system will automatically switch to your community page. Here you can add Quest (Mission) for its members.

In addition, Crew3 has task suggestions below the Twitter hashtag section, you can refer to.

crew3 hd5

Step 4: Create a sample quest in Quests

For each community, you need to create at least 3-4 tasks to attract members. Project/community managers can create small hashtags to make it easier to check tasks. The steps to create quests in quests are as follows:

  • Select the “+” to add a title for the hashtag to create.
  • Then select the corresponding task box.
  • Fill in the title for the task form, the actions that the member needs to perform, the amount of XP they will receive after completing the task. Finally click select Publish to post tasks in the community.
crew3 hd5

Community settings feature

To attract more members to participate and increase transparency, people/organization groups can customize information such as website links, images, logos… of the project in the section. Settings.

crew3 hd6

Join other community groups

Individual users can participate in projects/organizations through Crew3. You return to the homepage, at Top Communities choose Show more to see more top-rated projects, or select recommended entries by category as follows:

crew3 hd7

Complete quests and get bonus points

  • To receive XP (bonus points), you choose Communities favorite, enter Quests and select the appropriate heading.
  • Select and execute the assigned requirements, once completed you can Claim reward.

Note: In each Communities of the project will display the number of active tasks, you can base on that to arrange the order of participation accordingly.

crew3 hd8

The more missions you complete, the higher your bonus points and level will be. To check and track the rank after each reward, you choose the folder Leaderboard.

crew3 hd9


Since Crew3 was launched and launched, there have been many community managers trying different ways to optimize the use of the platform, some of which are helpful such as motivating the community. members, start with simple tasks, create a new task in 1-2 days, make tasks automated, hire early reviewers, create a Quest in Discord channel, add surprise tasks for community…

More importantly, projects/teams/organizers need to know how to create value for contributors, and Crew3 is one of the most powerful community building platforms available today.

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