Detailed online registration for temporary residence

Detailed online registration for temporary residence

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2021-07-02 12:17:19

Currently, people can register for temporary residence online on the National Public Service Portal to save time and travel during the application process. At that time, people only need to register information and submit an online application. The dossier will be received by the agency right after you register and sent a notification to the people when the profile has been successfully confirmed. The following article will guide you to apply for temporary residence online from AZ.

Instructions to register for temporary residence at home

Step 1:

First of all, click on the link below to go to the website of the Residence Management Public Service Portal.

At this interface you will see options for making a residential profile. Click Staying to register for temporary residence online.

Step 2:

Immediately switch to the interface Login to your National Public Service account. We will have to enter the account we have registered with or create a new National Public Service account. To see the registration steps, follow the article How to register for a National Public Service Portal account.

Login to your Public Service account

Step 3:

After successfully logging in, you will be asked to enter a verification code sent to your personal phone number to access the website.

Insert code

Step 4:

Return to the main interface of the website, click on Stay again. Then display the information filling interface to register for temporary residence online. We will have to Fill in all information required to be able to create a temporary residence application.

Enter information

Step 5:

After you have registered, you Select I am responsible for the testimony already Click Save and submit your profile. Immediately your application will be sent to the application reception department.

Send records


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