Detailed Quest3 User Manual (2022)

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2022-12-05 06:57:45

What is Quest3?

Quest3 is a web3 tool that supports projects in promoting and bringing users closer to their products through accompanying tasks and many attractive rewards. Usually, the rewards will be NFTs that offer different value in the future.

Currently Quest3 is running continuously real-time events to encourage new users, so please stay tuned.

Advantages of Quest3

Certified partners: Most quests posted on Quest3 come from verified projects. Users can be more careful by checking the task information on that project’s Twitter channel.

Supports 7 popular EVM networks: Familiar names like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Optimism… are all available on Quest3.

Tool to create quests for projects: Projects coming to Quest3 will create communities with simple operations. Thereby, creating a space to promote users to interact and know more about the project, creating benefits for both parties.

Rewards are clearly displayed: The rewards in each quest on Quest3 are displayed more clearly and attractively. Some rewards when received will be funded by the gas fee project.

The casual part on Quest3 is shown clearly and attractively

Preparation before using Quest3

Install CHK Extension Wallet

First, you go to to install CHK Extension Wallet.

coin98 wallet ext

For instructions on installing and using CHK Extension Wallet, you can refer to here. Most of the blockchains available on Quest3 are already supported by CHK, so you should create and use a Multichain wallet for the most convenient experience.

Connect wallet and account on Quest3

Step 1: Coming to Quest3, we first need to access and connect the wallet at

Step 2: Choose Connect → MetaMask. The system will show a pop-up of CHK Extension Wallet, please click Approve is able to complete the connection.

quest3 main 1

Then, when doing tasks related to Twitter or Discord, you will be asked to sync for the first time without having to go through settings.

Quest3 . User Manual

Introducing the Quest3 . interface

When coming to Quest3, users will have access to popular communities or tasks right at the main interface (Home). Via button Start Now, You can reach out and do the first mission at any time.

quest3 . interface

In addition, the homepage has a promotion section to list things you should not miss when participating in Quest 3. These include:

  • Recommended Quests: Incentive quests will fall under the featured event of the time.
  • Recommended Events: These are events that are attracting a lot of user participation on Quest3. From here, the recommended tasks will be added in the above section.
  • Recommended Communities: The communities that Quest3 encourages you to join and experience the quest.
quest3 explorer 2

If you are interested in any part, you can click View all for more reference in the Explorer section – where users access the search engine on Quest3.

quest3 explorer 3

Do quests and get rewards on Quest3

After you have selected, you click on each task and start receiving information to do. Quest3 quests are very diverse, usually with two to three requirements or more and are shown on the left side of the screen.

The common types of off-chain tasks (not used on the network) available on Quest3 you can refer to in the table below.

quest3 task 1

In addition, there will be tasks that require experiencing the project or holding NFT on the regulated network, below is a list of on-chain request types and creation of works (articles, videos…).

quest3 task 2

The right side of the screen will show the quest reward on Quest3, there are three types of rewards:

  • RP (Experience): Helps you level up on Quest3. Some missions will require a new level to complete.
  • NFT: Each NFT will have its own uses, you should read the task description carefully or follow the project closely to understand how to use it effectively. NFT on Quest3 is always standard token ERC-721.
  • Coins/tokens: Many missions will directly reward participants with coins or tokens.
  • Whitelist: When receiving this reward, the participating wallet address will be added to the project’s whitelist. There will be some projects that require you to confirm on Discord.

Comes with three different ways to receive rewards, including:

  • FCFS (First come first service): Limit the number of prize recipients.
  • Lucky Draw: The system will automatically draw a lucky draw from the number of people who complete the task. The whitelist and coin/token rewards will follow this pattern.
quest3 reward

After completing the assigned tasks, you press Claim Reward has been shown in blue for the reward.

quest3 reward 1

You can manage the rewards and all information related to the progress of the quest in the QuesterCamp section.

quest3 manage

Create a community on Quest3

Want to create your own community? Let’s go to Quest3 Portal and follow these steps:

Step 1: At the homepage of Quest3, you choose Create Quest or visit the Quest3 Portal at

Step 2: You click Create Now and enter the necessary information including:

  • Community Name: The name of the community you want to create. This information is subject to change.
  • Community URL: A link to the community will be created. This information cannot be changed once created.

Then press Create Community You have completed your own community.

quest3 create quest

To manage and create tasks for the community more effectively, you should refer to the article on Quest3 Wiki here.

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