Details are “slightly wrong” but often appear in movies about Batman

Details are “slightly wrong” but often appear in movies about Batman


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Since the first time stepping on the silver screen in 1943, Batman has a huge collection of movies, television, animation. He is one of the most famous superheroes the world has ever spawned, and it’s no surprise that until now, many producers are cherishing new plans for the Knight. shadow.

However, no matter how excellent or top-notch, cinematographic works, there are always a few grievances related to this character. It could be that his way of fighting crime is not the same as the original, his relationship with other superheroes, or even the appearance of Gotham City has changed a lot from the story. painting. Make no mistake, no one is to blame Batman on the big and small screens, but there are clearly problems that manufacturers can completely avoid to create the perfect series.

Murder of the villains

There is a working principle that Batman always follows and rarely breaks: It is that he does not kill people, even the villains. However, when he stepped onto the silver screen, it seems that he (or more accurately, the team of writers) forgot this detail.

In Tim Burton’s Batman 1989, for example, Batman detonated an entire chemical factory with lots of Joker’s minions inside. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also contains many scenes where Bruce Wayne runs his rocket car through a series of enemies to death. Even Christopher Nolan’s legendary trilogy does not escape this problem in a slightly less ruthless way: Batman leaves Ra’s al-Ghul dead in a train crash saying, “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you either“.

Guns and bullets? Batman doesn’t do that here!

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Besides the principle of not killing others, Batman is also exceptionally strict in the use of guns, and almost never touches this deadly weapon. The reason is quite obvious: The death of his parents has caused him to develop an aversion to guns and switch to other portable weapons such as bat-shaped boomerangs. However, in most films, Bruce Wayne is always equipped with the most advanced guns.

For example, both Batman vs Superman and Batman ’89 showed off the Batmobile with a built-in hood mounted machine gun. Batwing in Tim Burton’s version also brings many guns and missiles M61 Vulcan, though Batman cannot target with such “dinosaur” weapons. Even the Batpod motorcycle in The Dark Knight is equipped with giant cannons, which are used to shoot other vehicles.

The villains must be involved, or have a deep hatred of, Batman

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Before becoming so popular and popular today, superhero movies were often considered a sub-branch of the action film genre. This also has a huge impact on the script construction, and sometimes causes the production team to change many stories about Batman’s origins leaving comic fans in awe.

For example, the relationship between the superhero and the main villain always has to have some special connection, often hatred. In Batman 1989, the Joker was built into the image of the man who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents and gradually became the biggest rival in his career against Batman’s evil.

In terms of action genre, this is a very great idea and makes the film circuit more cohesive and logical. But with the superhero movie line, it’s not really necessary. Batman doesn’t need personal reasons to fight the villains, because his job is inherently peacekeeping for Gotham. Batman is not a rich guy who spends all his money on luxury items and technologies to take revenge. He did so simply because those are essential to fighting corrupt and dangerous criminals.

Batman’s hometown is normalized, not Gotham

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Ask anyone who loves Batman about his hometown, and the answer you will get is that Gotham City is just as important as this character. It has a design, the right setting to create superheroes with personality like Batman – an ideal environment for stealth fighting style, skillful rooftop moves and arrogant stopping. feet on top of the gargoyle statues (gargoyles) to observe the scenery below.

However, perhaps for the sake of saving money or for some other reason, many Batman movies have taken advantage of a few locations available like Chicago, instead of creating the best Gotham. Whether it’s the Dark Knight trilogy or recent DC works, Gotham appears relatively casual like many other cities.

The best reproduction of Gotham is probably by Tim Burton, with the help of designer Anton Furst. This place comes across as an art deco industry’s nightmare, described in Sam Hamm’s script as “Hell tore up the pavement and sprouted up into a complete city“. It was so successful that a comic book “Destroyer” published in 1992 put these designs on its page. instead of the flashy neon colors of his successor, Joel Schumacher in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Batman on the screen suddenly becomes the most lazy detective in the world

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Besides many impressive nicknames, Batman is still known as “The Greatest Detective in the World” after first appearing in Detective Comics. the ability to think logically and to observe, instead of relying solely on physical strength, however, when he stepped onto the big and small screen, Batman seemed to have forgotten his sharp reasoning talent.

Batman’s most obvious “show skill” detective is in Batman ’89 version, when he finds out the Joker’s plot and discovers a poison that can be activated using two other random cosmetics. together. That is it. When filming, Batman invests more in weapons and modern technology, and uses them to serve the investigation and arrest of criminals.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. ‘upcoming movie The Batman. will focus on exploiting this aspect more, bringing Batman back to his original nature.

Robin is always “age padded”

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Robin appeared in the world of comics in 1940 and was one of the major influences in the superhero genre later. According to Glen Weldon, the author of The Caped Crusader, Batman and Robin is a typical role model for the perfect superhero duo, which is the origin of the idea that the heroes all adopt a child. be your support disciple during the Golden Age period.

But when stepping on the screen, Robin is always depicted as a young adult. In Batman Forever, this character appears as a 25-year-old boy. According to the original, Bruce Wayne adopted Dick Grayson when he was 9 years old, and he was only 30 years old. That means that, when Robin 25 years old, Batman is 46 years old, while Batman in Batman Forever is new. Only experiencing about 36 green springtime only. But the most important thing is that the image of two grown men together to fight crime is not really familiar to fans, who are used to Robin as a boy no more or less in the series. painting.

Batman’s secret identity

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The idea of ​​keeping superheroes secretly dates back to 1903, and that’s one of the most important elements in Batman’s story. When first appearing in Baroness Orczy’s Scarlet Pimpernel, the fact that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne is an important detail that is hidden to the last pages and surprises readers strongly. This “hiding” this allows Wayne to act outside the law, protecting himself and the Wayne mansion from enemy threats.

In the Batman movies, however, this “secret identity” doesn’t seem very secretive. Of course, the screenwriters never let Wayne blatantly promote his superhero status, but the number of people who know about Batman’s true identity is surprisingly high, and Wayne doesn’t put much emphasis on people. have discovered me or not.

In a scene of Justice League (2017), Bruce Wayne and Aquaman even discussed this matter very casually while walking around Greenland. They don’t even need to keep their mouths shut or speak at low volume, as if they don’t care if the people around them are noticing. In this movie universe, Wayne is one of the richest and most famous billionaires in the world, and the fact that he is Batman should be a shocking secret that needs to be kept as close as possible.

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