Device to record the extinction of mankind

Device to record the extinction of mankind

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2022-10-19 09:39:46

Although many advances have been made in technology, people still seem to be worried when it comes to the approaching danger of extinction.

The sixth mass extinction has begun and seems to be accelerating due to many human causes. A lot of academic literature presents hard truths about how things are and will end. Scientists are so sure of it that they have started building a Black Box to document the extinction of man himself if someone or something will come and visit this perished planet in the future. future. The Black Box concept comes from aircraft data storage boxes that use “indestructible” technology to record every event that happens on and with the aircraft – a special tool that can help investigators determine the cause of an accident. The product made by the marketing company Clemenger BBDO will be named ‘Earth’s Black Box’.

‘Earth’s Black Box’ is a giant steel structure located on the remote island of Tasmania. It will witness and document the end of the earth under the impact of climate change. To accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, this Black Box is equipped with multiple hard drives, each of which records and preserves real-time scientific analysis and updates on the world’s most pressing issues. are facing including climate change, extinction, environmental pollution and impacts on health. These data will be recorded in a monolithic structure.

The Earth’s black box works by solar energy – Photo: Internet.

People say that a mass extinction is not possible anymore, but scientists think the exact opposite. The most important thing in history are the traces left by our ancestors. If tomorrow is the last day of mankind, wouldn’t it be a good idea to leave a trace of our existence?

The people behind this Black Box project are not sure if there will be any experts analyzing our extinction. But at least compared to previous ancient civilizations, we will get something other than the ruins of cities and statues. Black boxes are made to be nearly indestructible by any kind of disaster that would occur on Earth, like nuclear war or natural disaster. In this 10m×4m×3m structure, monoliths will be used to record hundreds of different data sets ranging from modern human civilization to analyzing the overall health of our planet.

Exploring the project 'Earth's Black Box': A device to record the extinction of mankind - Photo 2.

The black box will continuously collect and securely store hundreds of data sets, measurement results and interactions related to the state of the planet for future generations – Photo: Internet.

The Black Box Project is trying to provide a source material on the events that will eventually lead to the doom of humanity and perhaps the planet. Some have criticized this project that instead of trying to come up with solutions to problems that will bring the planet to an end, they are using resources to document our end. As the experts have mentioned, science can go a lot further than it is now, but if it doesn’t have the support of everyone living on this planet it will be difficult to make a difference. inconsistent.

Some have said that this may just be a PR stunt to try to warn of impending dangers of climate change, in the hope that people will take action by changing their lifestyles.

The truth, however, is that we should not expect a scientific breakthrough that, at least in the near future, will reverse global warming. The creatures living on this planet depend on positive human changes now, in order to prolong the life of the Earth in the future.


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