DHedge (DHT) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Should invest in virtual currency DHT

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2021-03-24 01:58:24

DHedge (DHT) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

dHedge (DHT) is an asset management protocol built on top of Synthetix. Anyone can set up their own investment fund on the Ethereum blockchain. Or invest in funds managed by others in a completely unattended manner.

The project focuses on different areas such as:

  • Non-custodial: Nuser holds ownership of their fund, the investment manager cannot steal with investor’s funds
  • Decentralized asset management: dHEDGE aims to create a permissionsless and unstoppable protocol for property management
  • Synthetic assets on Ethereum: Portfolio dHedge is powered by Synthetix derivative liquidity protocol. dHedge claims to be a unique place to manage investment activities on the Ethereum blokckchain. Where users can invest capital to work on different strategies based on performance tracking profiles.

How does dHEDGE work?

There are two types of pools on dHedge: public and private.

  • Public pools allow anyone to invest in strategies.
  • The private pool allows a number of addresses on the list to allow contribution to the pool

For public pools, the fund manager can only deploy and manage funds. They cannot withdraw other people’s capital.

Funds can either be managed by active managers, who deploy their own capital, or by algorithms built to invest in a predetermined strategy. This gives a lot of nuance. Because managers can be based on their strategies, based on fundamentals, techniques, algorithms, or anything else.

What is DHT token?

DHT is the unility token of the dHEDGE project which is used for the following purposes:

  • Governance: Facilitate decentralized governance
  • Incentive reward: Encourage investors to pool assets with the best performers
  • Staking: Encourage managers to make bigger profits

Basic information

Ticker DHT
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Standard Unility
Token type ERC-20
Contract 0xca1207647ff814039530d7d35df0e1dd2e91fa84
Total Supply 6,655,936 DHT
Circulation supply

DHT token distribution

  • Messa Auction & Other Incentives: 7.72%
  • Seed: 13.01%
  • Strategic: 5.52%
  • Exchange Partner: 3.75%
  • Core Team & Advisors: 20%
  • Held in DAO: 50%

DHT distribution

Release schedule

timetable release schedule dhedge dhth to dhedge dht

DHT Token Sale

  • Seed Sale Price: $ 0.08
  • Strategic round price: 0.25 $

What floor is DHT traded?

You can now register for an account and buy DHT on the following exchanges:

DHT copper storage wallet

This is an ERC-20 token so it’s pretty easy to find a suitable wallet for example: Trustwallet, Ledger Nano X, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask.. Or you can store it directly on an exchange, where you bought that token. Remember to turn on full security.


dhedge roadmap

Competitors of dHEDGE


Set Protocol is a well-known asset management protocol that got modest traction in 2020, and yEarn Finance is just a competitor to automated strategies on dHedge.

This makes Melon Protocol the closest direct competition to dHedge. Melon and dHedge both allow fund managers to create public or private funds. And this fund is open to all investors. Melon’s team can authorize several exchanges to deploy capital and invest in almost any ERC-20 token.

Competitive advantage of dHEDGE

dHedge is closely linked with Synthetix so the number of tradable assets also depends on the assets available on Synthetix.

All synth tokens, the aggregate asset that Synthetix creates, is priced with the help of the Chainlink price feed. Therefore, if either of these projects does not support tokens, then it will not be supported on dHedge either.

But given Synthetix’s repetition rate, this shouldn’t be a stumbling block in the long run.

dHedge is strictly disallowed and allows any trader to set up their own funds. And unlike Melon, dHedge is not limited to tokens. There are plans to activate the future contract, binary option, and any other financial instruments that Synthetix creates.

dHedge also plans to integrate with a borrowing / lending product so idle funds can be put to efficient use for more profit.

Synth is priced at Chainlink oracle price. Therefore, slippage is non-existent when trading on Synthetix. This can be a game changer for larger funds that lose a small portion of their assets to slash the price of transactions in the less liquid cryptocurrency market.

Evaluate the potential of dHEDGE

Investor & Partnership

Backed by some of the biggest names in cryptocurrencies, incl

Framework Ventures, Three Arrows Capital, BlockTower Capital, DACM, Maple Leaf Capital, Cluster Capital, Lemniscap, LD Capital, IOSG Ventures, NGC Ventures, Bitscale Capital, Divergence Ventures, Genblock Capital,….



The team behind dHedge is comprised of three key members: Henrik Andersson , Radek Ostrowski and Ermin Nurovic.

In addition to helping lead dHedge, Andersson has an outstanding track record as an asset manager in the traditional world of finance. Currently, he is the CIO of Apollo Capital, the company that won the Crypto Fund Research’s best performing Multi-Strategic Crypto Fund in 2019.

Should you invest in DHT dong?

dHEDGE has its unique products, strong team and active community. That means you should keep an eye on dHedge. Even so, investors must also be aware of the current competition and environment in cryptocurrencies.

The wider cryptocurrency space is posting more and more positive signals lately. DeFi projects seem to be the focus of this attention. This dynamic means that many projects launched for sale during this period may be priced above average.

Make your own reviews. Understanding the protocol itself and focusing on the fundamentals are all important ingredients before you want to invest in DHT, or any coin.

Communiy & Social


DeFi’s core value proposition is permissionless and non-custodial finance. dHedge is building infrastructure to make asset management open and secure.

Instead of a company assigning people to manage funds, anyone can set up their own open-source mutual fund. There are traders who are better at allocating capital and managing risk than some experts. dHedge basically gives them a platform to showcase their talents.

Along with zero-slippage trading and instruments like future contracts, dHedge has the potential to become a hub for mutual funds, hedge funds, and retail traders.

If automated investing strategies are an indicator of demand, dHedge will attract the attention of small and medium sized investors. And auto investing is just one aspect of dHedge’s product stack.

What about you guys about this project? Also look forward to the CHK coin and token article.

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