Dinosaur filter downloads on Instagram

Dinosaur filter downloads on Instagram


2021-06-29 13:43:50

Dinosaur filter on Instagram has many different types of filters such as a strange face filter that sparkles with a dinosaur sticker, or a dinosaur sticker, or a dinosaur filter that combines your face. We can freely choose the type of filter we want on Instagram to take photos or record videos to post on Story. Most of the dinosaur filters on Instagram are in the direction of cute and funny designs. The following article will guide you how to take photos of dinosaur filters on Instagram.

Instructions to download the Instagram dinosaur filter

Step 1:

You open the Instagram application and then click on the avatar to conduct a video or take a photo of the Instagram dinosaur filter. Then we click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the list of effects to have filter effects.

Step 2:

Then switch to the filter store interface on Instagram, we click magnifying glass icon then enter dino keyword to search for effects. Right below you will see that there are many different types of dinosaur effects to choose from.

Step 3:

You click on the effect you like to see how the dinosaur filter shows up when recording a video or taking a photo. Then we click the save icon to download the filter to your personal Instagram effects store. Finally, you make a video or take a photo of an Instagram Story with the dinosaur filter you just downloaded.

Then we add sound, sticker, text to the video and then upload it to your Instagram Story.

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