Direct way of tracking the giant ship stranded in the Suez Canal

Direct way of tracking the giant ship stranded in the Suez Canal


2021-03-27 14:53:13

A giant cargo ship is stranded in the Suez Canal, attracting the attention of the world, not only because it causes serious congestion of important trade flows from Asia to Europe but also by private trade. its strange stuck position.

The incident caused hundreds of other ships to stay anchored “for the next several days or weeks”, according to the latest update. The global supply chain, which has been in trouble recently, will continue to be strained.

The giant ship named Ever Given is becoming a “network phenomenon”. If you want to keep an eye on its upcoming journey, you have several options. It’s a bit of a pity that there’s no live stream, or even webcam images, so you’ll have to be a little more creative.

The website or the MyShip Tracking app is one of the best. You will get an interactive map in near real-time to see the ship’s location and also the small tugboat and auxiliary vessels are trying by around Ever Given. You can also watch other stranded ships nearby to see if they finally decide to wait or choose to go around Africa to continue their voyage.

VesselFinder is another option with a similar capability. This page even redrawn the confusing “zigzag” journey of Ever Given before entering the Suez Canal as well as the grim moment when it got stuck in the middle of the canal.

In addition, there are also a number of satellite companies, which often take advantage of similar opportunities to demonstrate their technological prowess, such as radar images from Capella Space or high-quality images from Airbus Space.

Reference source: The Verge

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