Discover LG’s aircraft-powered blower air purifier

Discover LG’s aircraft-powered blower air purifier

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2021-06-21 12:35:26

LG Air Purifier Air Purifier is a new generation of air purifiers and is being interested by many people. In this article, let’s find out the highlights of this advanced air purifier!

What is an aircraft engine blower air purifier?

The LG Puricare 360 ​​Safelus aircraft-engine air purifier is a new product line developed, manufactured and marketed by LG. This is a new generation of air purifiers, applying advanced technology by using aircraft engine fans instead of previous conventional blowers. This new generation of air purifiers is improved from two old lines of air purifiers, the LG Puricare 2-stage AS95GDWV0 and the 1-stage LG Puricare air purifier AS65GDWD0.

Outstanding features of the new generation LG air purifier

The outstanding feature of the new generation LG Puricare 360 ​​Safeplus air purifier is nothing but the replacement of the old blower system with a blower system with a design similar to an aircraft engine. According to LG, the fan system in new generations of air purifiers is modeled after the aircraft fan technology used for Boeing 747 aircraft.

Aircraft-style blower reduces operating noise

This fan system is supplemented with serrations on the blades to reduce resistance to circulating air. As a result, clean air is circulated further and the engine noise when operating will also be less. Tests published by LG show that the new generation of fan applications can push clean air out 10% wider and reduce noise by 7% compared to the old version.

In addition to the innovations in the fan system, the new generation LG air purifier also has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Using a Safeplus filter with a new technology filter that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, removes 99.999% of PM0.01 ultrafine dust and allergens while previous generations of air purifiers usually only filter PM2.5 fine dust.
  • Unique and impressive design with a beautiful and neat round cylinder design, easy to install in many positions, bringing a luxurious look to your space. The upper auxiliary fan cum control plate will automatically raise this part when in Turbo or Auto mode if it detects polluted air. The LED rings surrounding the control panel will also display color according to the pollution level according to the PM readings statistics.
  • The machine can be controlled remotely, installing programs automatically through the ThinQ application.
  • There is an ion generator that helps keep bacteria and viruses in the air with OH radicals.

LG Puricare 360 ​​Safeplus air purifier uses an aircraft engine-style fan

Currently, the new generation air purifier LG Puricare 360 ​​is sold on the market for about 25 million VND (1-floor model) to 35 million VND (2-floor model) for a product. In addition, the filter core of the device also costs about 2 – 3 million VND for a product. In general, this price may still be quite high compared to the spending level of Vietnamese people, but the technology and efficiency it brings are considered worthy of the price.

However, if you feel that your financial capacity is not enough to own this product, you can still refer to the usual LG Puricare air purifier models, which are the LG Puricare 2-stage AS95GDWV0 and LG Puricare 1-stage AS65GDWD0. These two models only cost about 19 million VND (1 floor) to 25 million VND (2 floors) but also apply many advanced and exclusive air filtration technologies of the LG brand.

For more information and to buy genuine LG air purifier products, you can go to reputable online sales addresses or websites such as – an address with many years of experience in Vietnam. Vietnam market and received high praise from thousands of customers across the country.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have learned more about the new generation LG air purifier product that uses an aircraft engine fan. To refer to other interesting information, visit regularly! See you in our next articles!


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