Discover the mascots of Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme…

Discover the mascots of Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme…


2021-06-04 19:18:28

A mascot is a symbol containing the message of a certain brand. The mascot can be an animal or any created image. Here are the mascots of some famous phone brands, invite you to explore.


OPPO’s mascot is a humanoid character with a very cute face, glittering eyes, and a funny bunch of hair. OPPO’s mascot wears headphones and has a characteristic green color gamut. This lovable character helps bring customers a feeling of excitement and fun.

2. Realme

Realme's mascot

The mascot of the Realme phone brand is a cat with its signature yellow color called Realmeow. This cat wears sports laser glasses and skates and looks very active and youthful.

With this mascot, Realme hopes to receive the love of young customers.

3. Vivo

Vivo's mascot

Vivo’s mascot is called Little V, shaped like a man walking on the moon, wearing glasses with LED lights and has a blue color. With this mascot, Vivo wants to convey the message that Vivo is a camera phone brand that is always beside users in every moment of their life.

4. Huawei

Huawei's mascot

WeiWei is a Huawei mascot in the form of a boy with red hair that rises up like flames. WeiWei both has a lovely appearance and conveys the image of Huawei.

5. Android

Android's mascot

Android’s Mascot is an image of a green robot called Bugdroid.

This Android robot mascot with a simple, easy-to-remember shape has gone viral in the tech community.

6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi's mascot

Mi Bunny – Xiaomi’s mascot is a white rabbit with an extremely funny face (big round eyes, silly smile) that makes customers excited.

7. Sony

Sony's mascot

Sony’s mascot in the Japanese market is the cat Toro Inoue with an extremely funny expression.

8. Samsung

Samsung's mascot

The mascot of Samsung’s Galaxy M51 series is a youthful, sly and unique blue monster. This Samsung mascot is also dyed and pierced to attract the attention of young customers.

9. LG

LG's mascot

The mascot that LG created for its Smart TV product lines is LG Bean Bird, a cute and funny black bean-shaped bird. This mascot has become one of the characteristics for customers to recognize the LG brand.


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