Do this once a month, it takes less than 5 seconds to make your home Wifi fast and stable

Do this once a month, it takes less than 5 seconds to make your home Wifi fast and stable

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2023-03-14 00:43:39

Many people have a habit of only restarting the router when the network is lost or the network is unstable. However, tech experts say you should do this more often.

Instead of restarting for a long time, restart your home router regularly at least once a month, so that your home internet network, whether via Wifi or wired network, all connects quickly and stably. much more determined.

What are routers?

The Router Department, also known as the router, is the place where the internet from the outside connects to your home. Currently, routers often come with Wifi transmitters, so you only need to press once with the total router to be able to restart the network at home. Routers are usually in the form of a rectangular block, white or black with antenna antennae around. With older Router devices, they do not have the ability to broadcast the included wifi, so you need to restart both the router and the wifi transmitter.

How to restart the Router

Usually, the Router will have a button on the back, you just need to press that button once and wait for 30 seconds to a minute, such a boot process is completed. In case your router does not have a button, if it is a new device, it will have a start feature on the application. If it’s an old router, unplugging and plugging it back in can be used.

Why is restarting the router beneficial?

Basically, the router is like a small computer with the Internet routing function to help transmit the network or attach to the Wifi wireless network, during operation the machine will generate heat with special components such as chips. main processor – CPU. Restarting will help the router rest and return to its best operating state.

In addition, operating for a long time without restarting will also cause components to age faster, leading to faster failure of the router. Therefore, starting up will increase the life of the router.

Along with that, the Router will also store a certain amount of information, periodically rebooting will help free up unnecessary stored information to help the machine operate faster. This is the same as clearing the phone cache.

Even restarting the router eliminates the risk of your home internet being hacked like with the VPNFilter incident.

According to wikipedia: VPNFilter is malware designed to infect routers and certain network-attached storage devices. As of May 24, 2018, an estimated 500,000 routers have been infected worldwide, although a larger number of devices are at risk.

It can steal data, contains a “command” designed to disable an infected router on command, and can persist if the user does not restart the router. In February 2022, CISA announced that a new malware called Cyclops Blink produced by Sandworm had replaced VPNFilter.

To deal with these malware, the FBI has advised users to turn off the router for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on. This simple operation removes malware from router devices permanently.

Note when restarting the Router

Only press the Power button to restart the router, avoid turning on the reset button which can cause you to return the device to its original state, may cause settings such as wifi pass and other network-related options to be changed.

Always turn off and wait at least 30 seconds each time. You should also set a schedule to start your device on a monthly basis, preferably every 30 days.

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