Does LG’s smartphone business deserve to die?

Does LG’s smartphone business deserve to die?


2021-03-24 07:30:46

It’s hard to be successful in today’s smartphone market. Just looking at the ruin of the past, we can see the complete demise of small smartphone makers like Pantech, Essential and Sony Ericsson, or the disintegration of giants like BlackBerry and Nokia. . Meanwhile, HTC is still sticking around, but for how long it is not clear.

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and Vivo dominate the smartphone market today. While the “others” like Google, HMD Global, Motorola, OnePlus, Sony, TCL, ZTE and LG seem to only contribute to the market to have more cool new breeze.

The fact that LG’s smartphone business is having the hardest of all these “others” is somewhat similar to HTC’s flabby fate. LG used to be one of the top smartphone makers in the world, but those days are gone.

According to Reuters, LG’s mobile device business has lost 23 straight business quarters. It was basically six years, so much time was overwhelming for any company and a change was imperative.

LG has embraced the change, by releasing newer smartphones to attract users. Or accept change by trying to sell your smartphone business to another company. But all are still unsuccessful.

So what is LG’s decision now? Accept to continue burdening this business segment with losses, or will end and completely withdraw from the smartphone business? LG is still in the process and will make a final decision next month.

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But no matter the outcome, the truth seems LG is no longer interested in smartphone development. LG’s last flagship smartphone came out a full year ago, and there is no specific successor to the phone.

The LG V60 is a flagship smartphone that doesn’t stand out, but it’s also a bit appealing. But it is not clear how LG developed the next flagship smartphone in the past year or so. Or has LG even started to design it? Perhaps we will never know.

LG Wing with a unique rotating screen, but does not meet the needs of use in practice. LG is also touting a roll-screen smartphone, which might seem like a breath of fresh air in the smartphone market, but so far it’s been a dream.

LG’s smartphone development division seems to be drinking water. When LG hasn’t released any new smartphones since the low-cost K22 smartphone launched last year.

So the answer is probably yes.

So what do you think? Is LG’s smartphone business worthy of death?

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