Don’t miss this undervalued altcoin

Don’t miss this undervalued altcoin


2021-03-24 20:18:36

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The crypto industry influencer “Coin Bureau” (“@coinbureau” on Twitter) wants people to keep an eye on an undervalued altcoin.

In a video titled: “Harmony: One of the Most Undervalued Crypto Assets?”, An analyst nicknamed Coin Bureau who owns a Youtube channel of the same name with more than 560K subscribers said that he is doing very well. excited with ONE, the blockchain’s native asset Harmony.

Analyst said Harmony acts as a sharded smart contract blockchain, fully interoperable with Ethereum. Additionally, the project has raised a $ 5.5 million investment from Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, since it was founded in 2018.

This is how Binance Research description this project:

“Harmony is a high-speed and secure blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmony’s main focus is to achieve scalability by dividing not only network nodes but also blockchain states into shards, ‘linear scaling in all three aspects of machine, transaction and storage’. .

Harmony’s consensus mechanism is Effective Proof-of-Stake, modified on Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus to reduce concentration further …

The project’s utility token is ONE, which is running on Harmony’s mainnet since June 2019 and is expected to reach an annual inflation rate of 3%. ”

Coin Bureau explains what he finds interesting about Harmony:

Unlike most other projects, the Harmony blockchain is neither a fork of the other popular cryptocurrency blockchain nor is it built using a common suite of blockchain developer tools like the Cosmo SDK. Harmony was built from the ground up to properly address scalability, security, decentralization, and privacy issues.

The prominent trader has highlighted ONE’s 20x gain since January, making it one of the best performing altcoins since the start of the year. However, he predicts that there is still a chance the asset will increase in value as the market capitalization of altcoins is only at $ 1 billion.

Note: This article is for reference only, not investment advice.

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