Dora Factory (DORA) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Details of the DORA virtual currency

Dora Factory (DORA) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details of the DORA virtual currency


2021-03-23 00:38:36

Dora Factory (DORA) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Dora Factory is one of the first Open-Source blockchain projects aiming to build open infrastructure for DAOs (Decentralized Self-Operating Organizations) on Substrate.

Dora Factory’s vision is to build a DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure, empower every DAO with the right toolkits to interact better, and incentivize developers and hackers on the path to building connections. next joint.

Highlights of Dora Factory

  • Dao-as-a-service: At Dora Factory, curators are free to launch the DAO and add different pallets in special ways based on their specific needs.
  • Programmable Infrastructure: To implement new features, developers can create useful pallets and get added to the Dora Factory parachain runtime or the Dora Factory Ethereum layer-2 through governance. The DAOs manage the functionality by adding pallets based on their needs.
  • Powered by Developer Community: Backed by the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series and Hackerlink Grants, the Dora Factory attracts global hackers, cypherpunks and open source developers.
  • Infrastructure for On-Chain Governance: Specialized in community governance, Dora Factory prioritizes the features of optimizing important daily processes in DAO management, including quadratic voting, sponsorship, bonuses, sponsorship management, fundraising planning, …

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What are the ingredients of Dora Factory? Explain

Dora Factory includes 3 components: Polkadot factory, Ethereum factory, Virtual bridge (Virtual Bridge).

  • Each DAO will have a vault in which its assets are kept. DAO’s stakeholders will be able to deposit, withdraw and manage the DAO’s assets.
  • On Polkadot, DAO functions can be added via pallets. On Ethereum, DAOs will implement personal governance smart contracts through the Dora Factory contracts.
  • Dora Factory will allow developers to submit custom developed pallets and factory contracts.

Dora Factory will implement a sub-factory on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. A sub-factory will be a set of factory contracts that produce smart contracts for individual DAOs.

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Before Polkadot was fully operational, the project encouraged smart contract developers to build DAO pallets on Ethereum and BDC as proof of concepts.

With Dora Factory Virtual Bridge (virtual bridge). In an early stage, DAOs will have to choose the infrastructure they want to build on: Polkadot, Ethereum or BSC. Depending on how relevant they are to these public chains.

Finally, there will be bridges connecting Polkadot replay chains with large public chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Hence, the cross-chain problem is automatically solved. However, the Dora Factory will build a simplified virtual bridge to bring external tokens eco polkadot into the Dora Factory parachain so that DAOs can store token assets in cross-chain vaults.

dora factory bridge

What is DORA Token

DORA is a unility token that links the network together. Users and holders of DORA can stake, mine and pay DORA tokens. Developers who build will be rewarded with DORA tokens. DORA’s total initial supply is 10,000,000.

Basic information of DORA copper

Ticker DORA
Blockchain Updating …
Contract Updating …
Token Standard Governance, unility
Token type Updating …
Total Supply 10,000,000
Circulation supply Updating …

Token allocation

Updating …

Released love calendar

Updating …

DORA Token Sale

Seed and Private Sale: Finished.

  • Public Sale: TBA
  • Seed and Private will be locked and vesting for at least 2 years)

Updating more …

What is DORA used for?

  • DAO Staking: Each DAO is created by staking 100 DORA tokens on the chain. When the DAO is terminated, the staked DORA token will be issued.
  • Validator Staking, Mining and Inflation: Of the tokens generated from annual inflation, 2% will go to the Dora Factory Treasury. The remainder of the DORA generated from inflation will be distributed to the nominator and validator.
  • Network fee: Pallets may be charged. DAOs will have to burn tokens (or pay a fee) to use the pallets (possibly free). The network fee paid by the DAO is taxed by the Dora factory. Tax will be prorated for all staking addresses.
  • Network reward: Network rewarding for the validator, pallet developer and venture builder.
  • Transaction fee: The transaction fees collected will be distributed to the validator and nominator
  • Governance: The Dora Factory is run by a community of people who hold DORA instead of a company.

How to earn DORA coins

Please review the details in the application section of the DORA token. You can earn DORA tokens by becoming a validator, nominator, participating in staking,….

Or DORA list of certain floors, you can buy them on it.

On which exchange is DORA traded?

There is no information on the list of floors as of February 27, 2021. Will update here to let you know

DORA coin storage wallet

The token has not been released yet, so it is not clear how the wallet is suitable.

Updating …

Evaluate the potential of Dora Factory


Updating …


Popular VCs that have participated in seed and private participation include: NGC Ventures, DFG, SNZ Holdings, AU21 Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Candaq Fintech Group, Dealean Capital, Cabin VC, LD Capital and DoraHacks Ventures. Dora Factory is the fourth project invested by Clovers Ventures after the success of Injective Protocol, Kira Network, Channels Finance

Block Dream Fund, is an affiliated investment organization OKEx, focusing on discovering the best blockchain projects globally.


Updating …


  • Move the main pallets to the substrate
  • HackerLink Integration, bonuses and benefits
  • Launch quadratic funding grant over Kusama
  • Launch POA parachain network on Rococo and Kusama
  • Released standalone user interface for DAO-as-a-Service
  • Start DAO-as-a-Service for Kusama DAOs
  • Upgrade network consensus to NPoS on Kusama
  • Parachain Mainnet deployment on Polkadot
  • Start DAO-as-a-Service for Polkadot DAO
  • Activate cross-chain vault
  • Remove Sudo

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