Download Call Dragon Online PC, download Call Dragon Online for the computer

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2021-03-28 16:33:42

Call Rong Online is opening the first phase of Alpha Test and many gamers have downloaded and experienced the new content of the game, including both versions Call Dragon Online APK and iOS.

At Call Dragon Online, you will surely see all the familiar things from Dragon Ball are included. From characters, moves, locations, transformations … to the smallest details are also re-enacted for fans of 7 Dragon Balls.

In addition to the Call Rong Online Mobile version, fans also have a PC version that supports when the phone runs out of battery. Here’s how to install Call Rong Online PC.

How to download Call Dragon Online PC, download Call Dragon Online for the computer

Step 1: Click on the link to download the installation file called Dragon Online for the computer below, then launch the installation file in the .exe format. If you have this message, please choose More Info> Run Away.

Link to download Call Rong Online PC

And then the file will install, just wait.

call rong pc

Step 2: When you start up the game, choose to update all data.

call rong pc

Step 2: If you have an account Call Rong Online you can login separately with that account. Or the most convenient is to use your Facebook account, press Login with Facebook to log in with your Facebook account.

call rong pc

Step 3: Then write in your Facebook account

call rong pc

Current Server Alpha Test has only one server, Vegeta, and select Enter Game.

call rong pc

Step 4: In the game, if you see a message to receive the Magic Bean, select the quest location, press Harvest (5/5) If not, please choose to enter Mission as shown below. Then go to pick up the ship and return to harvest magic beans.

call rong pc

Then you can play normally.

call rong pc

The server has only one and the number of players will be quite large, so you may experience a full server situation when you log in.

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