Download Google Classroom 1.0 for PC

Download Google Classroom 1.0 for PC

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2021-05-03 07:26:10

  • Free software
  • Version: 1.0
  • Update date: 12/29/2020
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

Download Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes teaching more efficient and meaningful for teachers and students. This teaching and training platform streamlines assignments, enhances collaboration, and fosters communication for large groups. Google Classroom does this by allowing you to organize classes, deliver projects, and provide feedback – all within the platform. Google users can also integrate Google Docs and Google Drive accounts into their systems to store files in the cloud.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom stands out from other learning management systems or student information platforms, as it combines all of G Suites’ tools in one intuitive user interface. Teachers can benefit from this software, as it allows them to monitor their students and streamline output. As a teacher, you can do this in two remarkable parts of the platform: Students and Stream.

Part Students helps you connect with your students. You can choose to manually enter each Google email address, or students can join classes using Google email. If you do the following, it is important to give the student the grade code. Part Stream allows you to post assignments, announcements and questions to your students.

You will spend most of your time here once all the students have joined the group. The Google Classroom’s most notable ability is the creation of homework and projects. Each post can contain the topic, instructions, and dates for which the assignment should be completed. The unique Google Classroom code is on the left side of the team page.

Google Classroom makes teaching efficient

What does Google Classroom do?

Google Classroom is the bridge between you and Google Drive, providing teacher-friendly classroom document management. Here’s what you can do with Google Classroom:

Give homework

The main thing you, as a teacher, will do with the Google Classroom is to assign homework to your students. When creating an assignment, you can upload the required documents for your students to read or work on. Students receive e-mail notifications about new assignments, “return” assignments when completed, and then you can grade them.


If you have a snapshot for the entire class, you can quickly enter this message. The notification will then be e-mailed to all students in the class.

Storing class documents

The documents you add to your assignment are not the only documents you can archive. You can store any other necessary documents for students on Google Drive.

Allow students to interact

Students have the ability to comment on assignments and notifications, as well as e-mail each other through the Classroom interface.

When creating documents for your students, you may want to use Google apps, such as Google Docs and Sheets, instead of third-party apps, like Microsoft Word or Excel.

The reason is that Google’s apps are fully integrated with Classroom, while with third-party apps you need to do a lot of downloading, converting, and re-uploading documents.

So when students open Google Docs to do their homework, changes are automatically saved to the document on Google Drive, which you can then grade on completion without having to download or re-upload the document Whether.

How do I get into Google Classroom?

Students must enter this code in order to enter the group. By default, the teacher who is the only member of a group can post in the group. To change this, go to the section student to allow students to comment, post questions, and submit assignments.

The program will date and guarantee acceptance of all exercises. Students who submit assignments late will automatically be marked as overdue. You can also attach files to the exercise you create. For example, you can attach a redirect link to an article. These could be writing assignments for your students.

Files can be taken from hard drive, Google Drive, YouTube and other educational or reference links. Students can attach their assignments on the post as Google Doc or DOCX file. You can open them directly in Classroom and score them every time your device is connected to the Internet.

Simple and practical tool for teachers

Google Classroom is a quick way to conduct classes for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can see which students are actively participating in the classroom and provide live real-time feedback to each student. Plus, you can use your time more effectively, as students can submit their assignments online. With your students, you can explore G Suite tools and how they apply to your classroom.


  • It is accessible to all Gmail users
  • Send and respond at the same time
  • Integration with G Suite tools


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