Download NoxPlayer Android emulator software for PC

Download NoxPlayer Android emulator software for PC

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2021-04-20 08:08:59

  • Free software
  • Version:
  • Update date: February 16, 2021
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac

Download NoxPlayer

What is NoxPlayer?

NoxPlayer or Nox App Player is a free, easy-to-use desktop or laptop application that allows you to use Android or iOS apps on Windows or Mac computers. This software emulates the mobile device’s operating system so that you can run video games and applications made for smartphones on your PC.

NoxPlayer allows using phone applications on a computer

Features of NoxPlayer

What makes NoxPlayer different?

First, NoxPlayer is free to download. The app doesn’t need a paid subscription or one-time payment for you to stay active. You will not lose any features over time as the tool is licensed free.

NoxPlayer uses less RAM than other mobile OS emulators. Running Android or iOS apps on your computer won’t use up your mobile Internet plan. The apps can be used without problems, with better speed and resolution on the phone.

Nox for PC can run two or more applications simultaneously on most computers without freezing. You can add external devices, such as Bluetooth, joystick, gaming keyboard or wireless optical mouse, or the Pen Mouse wireless smart mouse, using shortcuts and mapping at leisure.

Regular updates are available and easy to download. These make the connection between electronic devices seamless, secure and virus-free. New threats are emerging every day in the digital world. It is important to take care of your software and privacy.

Better gaming experience

You love match-3 games but get tired of your eyes after just half an hour of playing on your phone, leading to worse gameplay Why? As your eyes have to work harder to see tiny icons on a small screen, the color- and shape-distinguishing receptors tire and begin to no longer work as well.

What can you do? Play a match-3 game on a laptop. Using NoxPlayer for Windows or Mac, you can download games on your PC and play them on the big screen. Larger icons will help relax the eyes. You won’t get tired anytime soon and your gaming skills won’t falter. You can enjoy your colorful game longer.

You are very good at role-playing games and enjoy connecting with your friends. The problem is you don’t have a good data plan on your phone and you’re having trouble loading slowly. Your friends get frustrated when you have trouble because of a poor Internet connection, so they stop inviting you to play. How can you regain the trust of your friends?

Your home Internet connection has less problems loading more slowly than your mobile phone. Unlimited internet means you don’t have to worry about data usage while online with your friends. Role-playing games will run better on your desktop or laptop thanks to the NoxPlayer application, with brilliant HD images and clearer sound.

You can enjoy the thrill of racing on your tablet, but you don’t have enough control to drive precisely. You have the perfect gaming steering wheel for racing but it connects to a USB port. You cannot plug it into your tablet. So what now?

Why not download that racing game on your PC and play with your gaming steering wheel? Nox emulator can help you do just that with its transformed Android interface. Joystick and other external gaming devices connect to desktop or laptop for a more interactive experience. They often outperform gesture controls.


  • Responsive fast with low RAM usage
  • Will not crash or crash while playing game
  • Supports external devices and keyboard mappings
  • Run multiple applications at the same time
  • Update security and anti-virus feature regularly


  • Heavy application
  • Installation is slow


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