Download Vietkey 2007: Compact Vietnamese percussion

Download Vietkey 2007: Compact Vietnamese percussion


2021-03-28 10:21:29

  • Free software
  • Version: 2007
  • Update date: 01/15/2021
  • Platform: Windows

Download Vietkey

What is Vietkey?

Vietkey was developed in 1991 and released in 1997 by Vietkey Group, a company based in Vietnam and founded by Dang Minh Tuan, a young engineer at the Ministry of Defense at that time. This software is designed to type Vietnamese and some other languages ​​in the world.

The program was first offered as free software and later commercialized alongside other company products. Vietkey supports Vietnamese, English, French, German and Russian. There is a version compatible with the Linux operating system.

Dr. Dang Minh Tuan is one of the proponents of developing a popular character encoding for typing Vietnamese. Vietkey provided Unicode support in 1997 and refined it into more efficient software in 2000.

Vietkey is one of the most popular Vietnamese percussion available today

Main features of Vietkey

Light weight, user friendly interface

Vietkey is extremely lightweight and takes up few system resources. The total size of this software is only about 570.5KB. This software works with only 2 files VKNT.EXE and VKNTDLL.DLL

Supports many encodings

Vietkey software provides support for many encodings, including: TCVN3 – ABC, Unicode 16-bit, VIQR, VNI Win, Vietnamese CP 1258 (developed by Microsoft) and IBM CP-01129 (developed by IBM).

Supports 2 popular typing methods

Two popular Vietnamese typing methods, Telex and VNI, are supported by Vietkey. In addition, the software has added many improvements to make typing Vietnamese more convenient and accurate.

Supports multiple languages

Vietkey supports multiple languages, including Vietnamese, English, French, German, and Russian. Users can choose to use English and Vietnamese when manipulating the software interface.

High compatibility

Users can use Vietkey with most applications or run concurrently with other programs without causing compatibility errors.


  • Simple interface and usage
  • Offers a variety of utilities that make typing easy
  • Compact
  • High compatibility


  • Software is no longer evolving


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