Download VLTK 1 Mobile APK, how to download Vo Lam 1 Mobile iPhone

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2021-03-27 05:34:42

Vo Lam Legend 1 is probably no stranger to the 8x – 9x generation. The game once dominated shops across the country.

Up to now, there are still many private VLTK servers opened and receiving many gamers who love VLTK. But there are also many people who are passionate about their childhood game but do not have time to plow like in the old days.

So the publisher of the game VNG will bring this game to smartphones. On this platform, playing VLTK 1 Mobile is more convenient because you can play anytime, anywhere. Try to download version VLTK 1 Mobile JX1 according to the instructions below.

Download VLTK 1 Mobile iPhone, download Vo Lam Truyen 1 mobile iOS

Step 1: Access the link below to download VLTK 1 Mobile for iOS and select Accept> Install Then wait for the game to download to your device. The game has a capacity of more than 2GB, so the download time will be from 5-10 minutes depending on your network speed. If there is information From developer click Next> Start Test.

Link download VLTK 1 Mobile

In the game, please choose Begin the game and choose the server you want to play.

vl1 mobile

Then choose sign up now.

vl1 mobile

Enter your username and password below and click Confirm.

vltk 1 mobile

Click Create Character below.

vltk 1 mobile

Select the village and click confirm, this scene is becoming familiar, right.

vltk 1 mobile

Next enter the name of the character you want to set and click Enter, then select the denomination you want to play and select Confirm.

vltk 1 mobile

And now that you have entered the game, VLTK 1 Mobile has a full range of automatic modes and features for you to play like on Vo Lam Truyen 1 PC version.

vltk 1 mobile

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