Download Windows Server 2019 and discover new features

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2021-03-26 01:08:39

Windows Server 2019 is an operating system that connects the on-premises environment to Azure, adding layers of security while helping users modernize their applications and infrastructure.

Download and install Windows Server 2019

Download Windows Server 2019

Refer to the description of Windows Server 2019 on the Microsoft site at:

To use Windows Server 2019, purchase it. However, you can try using the Evaluation version of Windows Server 2019 for 180 days. You can download the ISO file of the Evaluation version from the website after registering here.

Install Windows Server 2019

B1: Plug in the Windows Server 2019 installation media and start the computer. Then the following screen will be displayed. Continue to click the button next.

Click the Next button

B2: Click Install Now to start the installation.

Click Install Now
Click Install Now

B3: Select the version of Windows Server you want to install.
In this example, the post has selected the version Datacenter with Graphical ***.

Select the version of Windows Server you want to install
Select the version of Windows Server you want to install

B4: Carefully read the license terms section and check the box I acceppt *** to continue.

Carefully read the license terms section
Carefully read the license terms section

B5: To install a new Windows Server, select Custom: Install Windows only.

Select Custom: Install Windows only
Select Custom: Install Windows only

B6: Select the partition to install Windows Server on.

Select the partition to install Windows Server on
Select the partition to install Windows Server on

B7: Windows Server installation begins. During the installation, the computer will automatically reboot.

Windows Server installation begins
Windows Server installation begins

B8: After restarting the computer, the following screen will be displayed, then set the admin password.

Set the admin password
Set the admin password

B9: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to login.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to login
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to login

B10: Enter the admin password that you set in step 8 to login.

Enter the admin password
Enter the admin password

B11: Just log into Windows Server. For first time login, confirm installation Networks is displayed as follows. Choose Yes or No.

Select Yes or No to confirm network settings
Select Yes or No to confirm network settings

B12: This is the desktop on Windows Server 2019. Windows Server installation is complete.

Windows Server installation is complete
Windows Server installation is complete

The main features of Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 adds features for hyper convergence, management, security, containers, and more. Because Microsoft has moved to gradually upgrade Windows Server, many of the features available in Windows Server 2019 are already used in enterprise networks, and here are the 6 best of it.

Enterprise-grade hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)

With the release of Windows Server 2019, Microsoft launched three years of updates for its Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. That’s because the gradual upgrade schedule that Microsoft currently uses is the Semi-Annual Channel releases, which increment until they’re available. Then, every few years, it creates a major release called the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), which includes upgrades from the previous Semi-Annual Channel releases.

Windows Server 2019

The LTSC Windows Server 2019 edition will launch this fall and is now available to members of Microsoft’s Insider program. Although the basic components of HCI (compute, storage, and networking) have been improved in the Semi-Annual Channel release for organizations building data centers and partially controlled platforms. High-scale software, Windows Server 2019 is still an important version for the data center controlled by software.

With the latest release, hyper-converged infrastructure is provided on a set of components that come with the server license. It is the backbone of servers running HyperV, allowing to increase or decrease the ability to perform workloads without downtime.

A graphical user interface (GUI) for Windows Server 2019

One surprise for many businesses that started implementing Semi-Annual Channel versions of Windows Server 2016 was the lack of a GUI. The Semi-Annual Channel releases only supported ServerCore (and Nano) GUI-less configurations. With the LTSC release of Windows Server 2019, IT professionals will once again have the graphical interface of Windows Server in addition to the GUI-less releases of Nano and ServerCore.

Project Honolulu server management tool

With the release of Windows Server 2019, Microsoft will officially release their Project Honolulu server management tool. Project Honolulu is a central console that allows IT pros to easily manage GUI and non-GUI Windows 2019, 2016 and 2012R2 servers in their environments.

Early users found this management tool the simplicity it offers by presenting common tasks such as performance monitoring (PerfMon), server configuration, installation and installation tasks. manage Windows Services running on the server system. This makes it easy for administrators to manage the servers.

Security improvements

Microsoft has continued to roll out integrated security functions that help organizations tackle their security management model. Windows Server 2019 includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which evaluates common vectors for security breaches, automatically blocks, and warns of potentially dangerous attacks. Windows 10 users have been getting many of the features of Windows Defender ATP over the past few months. Windows Defender ATP on Windows Server 2019 allows them to take advantage of data storage, network transport and integrity security components to prevent intrusion on Windows Server 2019 systems.

Smaller but more efficient container

Organizations are rapidly looking to minimize the cost of their IT operations and eliminate many of the more cumbersome servers with thinner and more efficient containers. Windows Insiders have benefited from using this container by achieving higher computational densities to improve overall application performance at no additional cost in hardware server systems or capacity expansion. Hardware.

Windows Server 2019 has a smaller, more compact ServerCore image that cuts virtual machine costs by 50-80%. When an organization can get the same (or more) functionality in a significantly smaller image, the organization can reduce costs and improve efficiency in IT investments.

Windows Subsystem on Linux

A decade ago, it was rarely said that Microsoft and Linux had the same platform services, but this has changed. Windows Server 2016 has opened up an opportunity for Linux instances, supporting it as virtual machines, and the new release of Windows Server 2019 makes great progress by including a fully optimized subsystem. of a Linux system on Windows Server.

Windows subsystem for Linux extends the basic virtual machine operation of Linux systems on Windows Server and provides a deeper layer of integration for networking, root file system storage, and security controls. It can enable Linux encrypted virtual instances. That’s exactly how Microsoft provided Shielded virtual machines for Windows in Windows Server 2016, but now it’s Shielded virtual machines for Linux on Windows Server 2019.

Enterprises that have found container optimization along with the ability to support Linux on a Windows Server server can reduce costs by eliminating two or three infrastructure platforms and running them instead on Windows Server 2019.

Because most of the “new features” in Windows Server 2019 have been in the update for the past few years, users are no longer familiar with it. However, this also means that the features in Windows Server 2019 that are part of the Semi-Annual Channel release of Windows Server 2016 have been tested, tested, updated, and proven, so move on. In Windows Server 2019, organizations don’t have to wait 6 to 12 months to receive service packs.

This is a significant change that helps organizations adopt Windows Server 2019 earlier than the organization has adopted a major release platform in the past, and significant improvements to enterprise data centers as they benefit from Windows Server 2019, making the data center more secure, stable and optimized in today’s fast-paced field.

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