Dress up Brand DTCL 4.5, how to build a Mage Dragon Race

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2021-05-04 19:37:24

Brand is the choice of many gamers in the early stages of the match in the Truth Arena this season 4.5. With the ability to deal damage and stun, it is clear that Brand deserves to be the mid-match damage hero of the Dragon Race of Mage.

And you can also keep Brand until the end of the game if he gets 3 stars and has enough items for him, especially in the last DTCL 11.3 that he was buffed. With the Mage, Brand can cast the ability 2 times and deal bonus magic damage, while the Dragon Race will give him both attack speed and magic damage.

But if you gather enough numbers and the item does not have, Brand will not be able to fully utilize his damage. So which equipment is suitable for Brand to help him increase all the damage and which formation is best for Brand, the answer will be below this article.

Brand DTCL’s base stats, clan and skill buffs 4.5

Tribe Buff

The Dragon Race is now different from when it was released, if Brand was the main damage dealer. You must put him on top to receive Dragon Soul, and you should also throw him Angel Armor or Magic Cloak so that Brand can last longer while standing here.

Standard brand dtcl 4.5

As for the Mage build direction, Brand can stand at the bottom of the row because he only relies on the Mage buff to cast the ability and take additional magic damage.

Basic stats and skills of Brand DTCL 4.5

brand long toc

  • Price: 1 gold
  • Blood: 500/900/1620
  • Mana: 60
  • Armor: 20
  • Magical resistance: 40
  • DPS: 26/47/84
  • Damage: 40/72/130
  • Attack Speed: 0.65
  • Crit rate: 25%
  • Attack range: 4

Pillar of Fire: Brand charges up, summoning a pillar of fire at the enemy’s feet with the highest attack speed, dealing 175/275/450 Magic Damage to enemy champions in range. Enemies in the center of the fire column will be stunned for 1.5 / 2/3 seconds.

Brand position can be at the top if you plan to build Dragon Race, otherwise if you build a Mage you can leave Brand at the bottom row.

Dress up for Brand DTCL 4.5, standard map Brand DTCL 4.5

Brand items, please take priority Green Charm, Oversized Sticks, Training Gloves, BF Sword for Brand damage items. If standing in the front row to get the Dragon Soul, give the Brand Angel Armor or Magic Cloak.


Lineup Brand DTCL 4.5

Brand of the Mage of the Forest

brand dtcl 4.5

This lineup’s damage will include Brand and Aurelion Sol. You can build this lineup in many directions with your Forest Spirit to reach 9 Jungle Gods 3 Mages with Aurelion Sol as the God of the Jungle. But you will have to leave Brand outside and replace the Forest God generals.

Otherwise build 7 Mages with the above Mage Elite Brand as above and give the Mage Hat to Shyvana, or choose 6 Mages and 5 Mages if you have the Magic Tree Sprouts for ASol.

Brand 6 Dragon Race

dtcl brand image 4.5

The same in the 6 Dragon Race below, the Mage will be the main source of damage for ASol, Brand, and another champion that could be Shyvana if you have a Mage Hat but this is optional.

You can also throw the Wizard Hat to Swain if you find him at the end of the game. You can replace Morgana with Sett if you can’t find a 2-star Swain. There’s also no Vitality buff for both Swain and Morgana which is great.

In the upcoming version of DTCL 11.4, Brand is not on the list of champions nerfed in The Arena of Truth. So he will be seen in the early game of the formations for sure.

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