Dress up for Yasuo DTCL 4.5, standard map of Yasuo DTCL

Dress up for Yasuo DTCL 4.5, standard map of Yasuo DTCL


2021-04-02 16:19:11

Although Yasuo is only 1 gold champion in DTCL season 4, but his pick rate at the beginning of the game is quite high because it is a powerful 1 gold champion in the game if using the Hyper Roll or Slow Roll strategy.

Duel Generals are easy to combine at the beginning and a 4-Duelist synergies can be formed if there is Duel Anh Tinh in the early game.

Although Yasuo is strong even without items, for sure, if you want to stay until the end of the game, you must have something for “who”. And Yasuo’s outfit can be found below, along with the composition that best suits him.

Yasuo’s stats, clan, and skills

Yasuo basic stats and skills

  • Price: 1 gold
  • Blood: 550/990/1782
  • Energy: 45
  • Armor: 30
  • Magical resistance: 20
  • DPS: 35/63/113
  • Damage: 50/90/162
  • Attack Speed: 0.7
  • Crit rate: 25%
  • Attack range: 1 cell

Sword Strike: Yasuo stabs his sword within two cells, dealing 175/200/250% Attack damage. If Yasuo is in a position where he cannot attack two targets, he will dash to a position with an enemy.

Yasuo’s position should stand alone and at the forefront.

The Yasuo clan DTCL

yasuo dtcl 4.5

Because of the special clan nature, Yasuo and Yone would have to stand alone if they wanted more shields.

yasuo dtcl 4.5

Yasuo will increase his attack speed and movement speed if he gathered enough buffs of 4 Song Duels or more, his attack speed will be quite fast at the beginning of the game.

Dress up for Yasuo DTCL, standard clothes Yasuo DTCL

Yasuo’s equipment is mostly damage support like Sword of Death, Hand of Justice, Blue Bow, Infinity Sword, Archery, Giant Extermination. Throw in defensive support equipment to throw at Yasuo Angel Armor, Cape Algorithm.

Lineup Yasuo, lineup that matches Yasuo DTCL

image yasuo dtcl 4.5

Currently, Yasuo’s most common formation is the Slowroll Divine Duel. This squad uses the power of the 1 gold champions like Yasuo, Nasus. In addition, you can also rotate to 6 Gods or use a Gold Shovel for Duel or a Spirit depending on what you need.

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