Dry iron “confront” steam iron in the price range of 500K, who dominates?

Dry iron “confront” steam iron in the price range of 500K, who dominates?


2021-04-24 01:48:00

Dry iron uses electric current to heat the soleplate of the iron, thereby flattening the clothes. The base of the iron is made of chromium-plated aluminum alloy, making the product easy to glide on the fabric and easy to clean. However, the above design also has the disadvantage of easily causing fabric shade or deformation if the heat level is not suitable.

Dry irons use traditional heat principles to flatten clothes

Steam iron adds mist function through tiny holes in the soleplate. The combination of heat and steam makes clothes flatter faster, and fabrics are softer. Users also do not worry about the fibers being burnt or deformed by the pressure of the steam. The downside of this design is that it is difficult to clean, especially the water tray area and the steam vent.

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The combination of heat and steam makes steam irons unique

Dry irons often have quite simple usage, just plug in and adjust the heat level to use. The iron tip is pointed and thin, making it easy to get deep into difficult areas on clothes. However, its downside is that it is only suitable for certain fabrics.

Dry irons have a big advantage in convenience but can only handle certain materials

Steam iron requires users to fill with water to use, the functions of taking care of clothes are also more diverse. In return, this iron is suitable for many different fabrics, including fastidious materials such as silk, velvet, wool. Users can also take advantage of the steam iron to flatten curtains, tablecloths, bed sheets, …

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Steam irons are more complicated to use, but can also handle a wider variety of materials

The cost of a dry iron is usually quite affordable. With just over 100K, you can buy many basic dry iron models from brands such as Comet, Asanzo, Nagakawa, Sunhouse, … A little higher, around 300K, the choice has expanded to the major brands such as Philips, Panasonic, Electrolux, … Details of reference products are here.

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Price is the big advantage of steam irons, making them national products

In contrast, steam irons are usually more “acrid” priced. So, on a 500K budget, you definitely won’t have as many options as a dry iron. The brands that you can target are Sokany, Xiaomi, Garment. In return, users will get more functions related to care for clothes, iron more materials and have a safe mode when overheating or not in use. See more potential product categories here.

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Steam iron is more expensive, but popular because of its diverse function

Dry iron is suitable for small families, small quantity of clothes, no need to iron high quality materials or people who are on the go, looking for compact, portable iron. This product is also suitable for people with an average budget and do not want to spend too much on clothing care.

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The dry iron is perfect for anyone who loves compactness, mobility

The steamer is the perfect choice for families with large quantities of clothes, high quality fabrics, or complexity. Those who have economic conditions and want to take care of clothes according to a professional process can consider investing in this product.

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The steam iron is suitable for professional care

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