E-commerce floors, websites are not allowed to sell fireworks at Factory Z121

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2023-01-19 08:02:40

The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) affirmed that fireworks are a conditional business product, requesting websites and e-commerce floors to remove the fireworks product Z121 of Chemical One Member Limited Company. 21.


The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) has just issued a notice related to the fact that some mass media reflect the situation of “scarcity” and “inflating selling prices” of fireworks products. no explosions (fireworks) at some e-commerce websites/apps and stores of 21 Chemical Company Limited (Z121 Factory).

Accordingly, the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy affirmed that Fireworks are a conditional business product. The research, production and sale of fireworks in Vietnam must comply with and meet the requirements of technique, security, order, safety, fire prevention and fighting as prescribed by law.

According to the provisions at Point a, Clause 2, Article 14, Decree No. 137/2020/ND-CP dated November 27, 2020 of the Government on the management and use of firecrackers, only organizations and enterprises belonging to the Ministry of National Defense are allowed to trade in fireworks and must be granted a certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions by a competent police agency; ensuring conditions for fire prevention and fighting, incident prevention and response and environmental protection.

The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy said that the Z121 factory applies a sales policy at the listed price and directly to consumers through a system of stores nationwide and issues management forms. Complete information about buyers, quantity and types of goods sold.

Consumers can refer to the listed price list, specifically as follows:

Ministry of Industry and Trade: E-commerce floors, websites are not allowed to sell fireworks at Factory Z121 - Photo 2.

The listed price list of fireworks products of Z121 Factory is uniformly applied at stores nationwide.

According to information from the Department, currently only two enterprises under the Ministry of Defense are licensed to trade fireworks products, including: Z121 Factory and Defense Industry Economic and Technical Corporation (GAET Corporation). In which, Z121 Factory currently has 247 shops to introduce and sell fireworks products in 52/63 provinces and cities directly under the Central Government.

The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy – Ministry of Industry and Trade has sent an official dispatch requesting traders, organizations and individuals owning e-commerce websites and applications to check, review and immediately remove Z121 fireworks products. distributed on e-commerce websites and applications (if any). At the same time, it is required to implement technical measures and censor personnel to prevent, remove and handle Z121 pyrotechnic products.

In addition, the Department of E-commerce and Architects recommends that consumers only buy fireworks products at stores and business locations of the two units mentioned above. In case of detecting business activities, buying and selling fireworks at locations outside the announced stores of Z121 Factory and GAET Corporation or on the internet, request consumers to promptly provide information to competent authorities for handling in accordance with law.

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