E-wallet suddenly launched on the T-Rex Exchange

E-wallet suddenly launched on the T-Rex Exchange


2021-03-23 13:34:36

E-wallet is a new payment method with many conveniences and is a trend in many countries. Currently, in Vietnam, there are more than 25 licensed non-bank payment intermediaries in the field of e-wallet payments. Based on 2019 statistics, there are tens of millions of users using e-wallets and this number is still increasing dramatically every day. This is a fairly popular form and has the potential to thrive in the future with most people already familiar with and proficient in using smartphones in online payments.

Therefore, T-Rex has launched e-wallet into a payment method to catch up with the market trend and grasp future demand. According to the news site of T-Rex, they give priority to supporting top reputable e-wallets and have good security technical infrastructure.

E-wallets are added to the T-Rex payment method

  • Momo: Being the leading electronic wallet in Vietnam today with a huge number of users because of the series of convenience and promotions that it offers.
  • Viettel Pay: Payment application is like a digital bank with transaction limit up to 1 billion VND / day. ViettelPay is currently the number 1 candidate for quick money transfer services.
  • ZaloPay: ZaloPay is a mobile payment application with many unique features. Specially built to satisfy all your payment needs in life and business needs. Especially a huge social network ecosystem with more than 100 million users.

The ever-changing market requires businesses to change. T-Rex always knows how to change at the right time to integrate into the general trend of the Crypto market. E-wallets will be the first step on their path to conquer the market. Please follow T-Rex to update their changes in the future.

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