‘Elder’ Yamaha Sirius causes a fever for only 28 million, the power ‘surpasses’ Honda Wave Alpha

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2021-10-28 01:11:22

Yamaha Lagenda 115Z is a popular model in the Malaysian market. The model has been continuously improved over the years and in 2017 it received a few new color options. From the sides, the car cuts a particularly sporty image, the body is very solid and the position of the steering wheel and high rear end creates a unique, individual look.

The car has a compact size with a length of 1935 mm, a width of 680 mm, a height of 1065 mm with a wheelbase of 1240 mm. Low ground clearance 125 mm. Vehicles equipped on 17-inch forged alloy wheels with 70/90 38P tires at the front and 80/90 44P tires at the rear.

The front of the car is easily recognizable with the set of double halogen headlights, below is a muscular apron with a large indicator light placed on the side of the nose as if it opens in the middle. The parking deck has a dual fin design that helps direct air into the engine for better cooling and performance.

The rear end is equipped with angled LED effect taillights and ergonomically shaped handles. Lagenda 115Z comes in three colors: Red, black and blue. The car also has striking graphics that really tie together its ferocious appearance.

In addition, Lagenda has practical features such as a large utility box under the saddle that can be used to hold necessary items be it a raincoat or documents. The common tool display is attractive and easy to read

'Elder' Yamaha Sirius causes a fever for only 28 million, the power 'surpasses' Honda Wave Alpha Photo 2

The compact wheelbase also supports agility, the saddle is also low at only 765 mm, making it easy for riders of all heights to ride. The low saddle and handlebars give it a solid forward leaning stance.

Opponent Honda Wave Alpha uses a fuel-injected and air-cooled 115 cc 2-valve SOHC engine block, producing 10.1 horsepower at 7750 rpm and 9.9 Nm of torque at 6750 rpm.

Vehicles using the same 4-speed mesh transmission with centrifugal clutch, the engine has been modified inlet and outlet for better power. The power supply is especially with a small number of revolutions. Fuel economy is even better, thanks to the fuel injection system that puts it at 60 km/h. The 4-liter fuel tank does not cause a feeling of shortage at all.

'Elder' Yamaha Sirius causes a fever for only 28 million, the power 'surpasses' Honda Wave Alpha Photo 3

Also included in the package are an electric starter and a stone starter. The single-piston disc brake setup at the front and the lead drum brake at the rear gives the car good braking for its intended use without compromising its budget-friendly nature.

In the Malaysian market, this digital car is priced at about 28,000,000 VND to be converted into Vietnamese currency.


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