Electric vehicles with integrated technologies are the trend of 2023

Electric vehicles with integrated technologies are the trend of 2023

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2023-03-17 00:56:51

Electric vehicles are associated with modern technology and initiative

In Vietnam, advanced technology features are one of the driving forces for many customers to buy electric cars. After nearly half a year of being on the market, the model filled with VF 8 technology of Vietnamese car company VinFast has made a big mark in the D-SUV segment. As an example, in December 2022, this model set a sales record when far ahead of other popular gasoline models, becoming the best-selling car in the segment.

As one of the first people to own and drive the VF 8 in the past 6 months, auto expert Trinh Le Hung of Autodaily said that VinFast’s D-SUV model has 3 great advantages compared to other cars in the same price range. In Vietnam, that is: performance, comfort and intelligent driving assistance technology.
Autodaily experts highly appreciate the intelligent independent front suspension, multi-point navigation rear suspension similar to sports cars, combined with a solid chassis system to help the car operate smoothly on a variety of terrains. . In addition, according to Mr. Hung, the electric motor on the VF 8 is very “clean”, accelerating quickly and smoothly, which is the outstanding advantage of electric cars. In contrast, many gasoline cars in the higher segment still “grow” and lose a lot of delay when accelerating due to the gearbox structure.

Trinh Le Hung is also particularly impressed with VinFast’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and intelligent virtual assistant. “For traditional cars, the user presses a button to operate the car. As for modern electric cars, getting on the car and giving orders is much more proactive,” shared Mr. Hung.
Sharing the same opinion, expert Nguyen Manh Thang (Whatcar Vietnam) said, thanks to the camera system and sensors equipped throughout the car, the VF 8 possesses an impressive series of ADAS features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic braking. Emergency operation, driver monitoring system, traffic sign recognition, door opening warning, etc. These technologies make the driving experience more leisurely and safer even in complex traffic conditions. in urban Vietnam. He especially appreciated the VF 8’s ability to identify different objects on the road.

Video: Expert Nguyen Manh Thang experiences the ADAS system on the VF 8.

Outperforming petrol cars, electric cars get smarter over time

According to experts, electric vehicles have a great advantage in the auto industry thanks to the most advanced technologies that are difficult for gasoline car rivals. Electric cars are likened to “smartphones” with 4 extra wheels attached. The car’s features are all software-controlled and, most importantly, easily updated, making the car smarter over time. The sharing of the electric vehicle user community in Vietnam shows that the intelligent features and driver support on the VF 8 are getting more and more perfect after half a year in the hands of users.

Mr. Tran Quoc Thang, General Director of a company manufacturing technology equipment for cars, said that the technologies equipped on the VF 8 are impressive and very suitable for the car usage habits of Vietnamese people. For example, VF 8 is the only car in the same price range that has a built-in Vietnamese virtual assistant.

“Even the smart utility products we develop specifically for cars cannot be as complete as VinFast’s virtual assistant, which can control everything in Vietnamese. This must be a Vietnamese brand car, understanding the language and habits of Vietnamese people to be able to integrate it so deeply,” said Thang.

Currently, software updates and feature upgrades for electric vehicles are being implemented by VinFast for all users at no additional cost. This is also a great advantage of electric vehicles because in fact, optimal operating costs (including fuel costs, warranty, maintenance, upgrades, etc.) Many people switch from traditional gasoline cars to electric cars.

“The total rolling cost is only around 1 billion VND for an advanced D-class electric car, without any lack of advanced safety features, the price is too good. At the same price in the same segment, users can usually only buy the lowest version,” said automotive expert Trinh Le Hung. He also said that the “bargain” price is one of the first attractions of VF 8 when customers choose to buy a car.

Along with that, the cost of fuel is 20-30% cheaper than gasoline cars, which is also the motivation for many customers to choose to buy electric cars and experience safe and smart cars. In addition, with the deployment speed of 150,000 fast charging ports in all 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam, car charging is becoming more and more convenient and easy for users.

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