Elon Musk agrees that Bitcoin Cash has certain advantages over Bitcoin

Elon Musk agrees that Bitcoin Cash has certain advantages over Bitcoin


2021-03-26 09:26:39

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Elon Musk agrees BCH offers fees lower than BTC

On Wednesday, March 24, Tesla marked a new milestone for the crypto industry by announcing that it is accepting Bitcoin as payment for its products.

Now, however, Kim Dotcom is trying to convince the richest man in the world that Bitcoin Cash is a much more realistic currency when it comes to payments.

Kim Dotcom – a German-Finnish businessman and political activist (also known as Kimble or Kim Tim Jim Vestor) – commented under Musk’s tweet on Wednesday about the opening of the Bitcoin payment option. on the Tesla website.

Dotcom pointed out that the average transaction fee will be much cheaper if you pay with Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin and suggested that Musk should buy soda with BTC (to see what Kim said). Kim Dotcom claims that BCH caters to the mass market, unlike Bitcoin, which is intended for only one percent of the rich in the world.

Not long after that, Musk agreed with Kim’s point.

Samson Mow, Blockstream’s CSO, reminding both that Bitcoin payments over Lightning or Liquid Network could be helpful in this case.

Peter Schiff warned against buying Tesla with BTC

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff tweeted that “if you are an idiot”, buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin because in the event of a Bitcoin drop, the refund Tesla makes in Bitcoin will be lower. against USD.

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