Elon Musk enters the NFT market, releasing a song “praising” Dogecoin?

Elon Musk enters the NFT market, releasing a song “praising” Dogecoin?


2021-03-25 15:13:46

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Elon Musk has joined the craze NFT after announcing that he would be selling a new electronic track produced in the NFT format. Yes, you heard right – it’s a song in the form of an NFT, which Musk seems to have minted (or plans to cast) on the blockchain.

Based on what he posted on Twitter, it seems to be a song with lyrics based on the hype surrounding technology: The video clip plays a song featuring a pair of diamond hands below the moon. along with the Shiba Inu dogs, most likely a reference to Dogecoin or the recently emerging SHIBA INU token.

In addition, the video also has an interesting detail, which is below the symbol of dogs with the word HODL, a spelling of the word HOLD, a motto to get rich that crypto investors are always aiming for. .

The following text is “computers” and “never sell”. The electronic music scene is quite catchy with a female vocalist repeating the lines “NFT for your vanity” and “computers never sleep”.

The billionaire’s work is currently listed as an NFT on the Valuables platform. Less than an hour after the song’s release, the NFT price jumped from $ 3 to $ 275,000.

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